Setting up your PsychSoc

This page provides advice on how to set up your PsychSoc including how to secure funding and establishling your online presence.

The first step in setting up your PsychSoc is to identify students at your medical school who are interested in setting it up and running it. Your initial aim is to create a working party which will be the founding committee.

It is a good idea to invite people from a range of year groups to join this committee. It would be helpful if you identified people who had skills in the following areas: 

  • funding, financing and basic accounting
  • website development
  • leadership
  • administration
  • IT, letter and email writing, desktop publishing.

Even at the beginning, it is important to think about the long-term future of the committee and how you will replace key members once they graduate.  

Sources of funding

When establishing your PsychSoc you will need to identify sources of funding early on. The Royal College of Psychiatrists will provide funding for PsychSocs which you can claim by emailing, providing the PsychSocs bank account details and sending through what you plan to spend the funds on.

Another option is to seek out local psychiatrists and relevant bodies. They may suggest sources of funding, offer to speak at events or provide contacts that may lead to sponsorship. 

You may also find it useful to ask your Student Union and Student Medical Society for information about financial support. Remember, funding doesn’t only come in the form of money. It can also be donations of office space, and a postal and email address.

You can use your creativity to put together fundraising events to raise money.

Finding companies that might provide you with sponsorship if, in turn, you agree to advertise their business is another option. It may also be possible that a local hospitality venue may offer refreshments or provide a venue for an event. 

Seeking donations from past and current students, current consultants and potential members is another idea.
Lastly, your PsychSoc committee may opt to charge a small membership fee when students join. You could check what other PsychSocs charge for a guide. 

Your online presence

Whether you choose to have a webpage on your medical school’s website, or you advertise events through your Facebook page, it is important to include certain information about your PsychSoc. The following are headings for content you may like to include:

  • About Us / History of PsychSoc
  • Main aims
  • Benefits of joining
  • Achievements
  • Events Page
  • Committee Members
  • Logo
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Contact details
  • Resources

If you need help with your PsychSoc

The National National Student Psychiatry Network Facebook group is used to communicate between PsychSocs, including asking for advice on how to set up a society.

Please be in touch with us at the central college by emailing and we will try to help with all things relating to your PsychSoc.

We also organise regular meetings for PsychSoc presidents to share ideas, challenges and successes. 


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