Poster Viewing Area | Faculty of Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry Conference 2023


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2. Poster will be uploaded here shortly

Dr Esther Aiyelaagbe, Dr Amy Anyi, Dr Faisal Parvez

7. Health Monitoring of Patients Prescribed Antipsychotic Medication - Still a Challenge after 40 Years

Professor Graeme Yorston, Ifrah Ali Baig, Noor Ul Ain Awan, Mahmoud Aref, Farha Omer

Dr Alex Graham, Dr Meenakshi Lachman, Leah Canning 

Dr Rebecca McKnight, Dr Neeti Singh, Robyn Hooley, Dr Imran Ali

Dr Ewa Okon-RochaDr Omer Malik

Dr Jessica Foster, Owen Baglow, Dr Wing Hang Serene Ho, Dr Katie Fergus 

Dr Novuyo Ann Sibanda Chaduka, Dr Rachel Dobson, Dr Nagamani Gollapenne

Blue Pike, Leire Ambrosio, Lyn Ellett

Sian Langmead, Amrith Shetty, Rajan Nathan

Dr Pilar Martin-Hernandez, Dr Matthew Goldin, Dr Rajesh Mohan, Ms Alice Heans, Ms Phoebe Peng, Ms Laura Trendall, Ms Airat Akinoshun

Mr Andrew Macdonald, Dr Kiran Pinidprolu

17. The monitoring and treatment of clozapine-induced constipation within Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust Rehabilitation Services
Dr Kieran Loughran and Dr Christina MarinoDr Rashid Khan, Dr Sandeep Singh, Julian Coleman

18. Open Dialogue in a Community rehabilitation team
Dr Liji Premlal, Dr James Bancroft, Dr Amrith Shetty

19. Embedding patient led CPA meetings in a forensic rehabilitation unit
Dr Rajesh Mohan, Dr Ade Ogunwale, Ms Ella Scott, Dr Lucy Sumarno, Ms Emily O’Flynn, Dr Nielsen Fernandes, Dr Cheryl Hartley-Brown

20. Improving medication competence for people with psychosis – embedding a systematic approach
Dr Rajesh Mohan, Dr Ade Ogunwale, Miss Alice Okanlawon, Dr Nielsen Fernandes, Ninoslav Majkic, Dr Cheryl Hartley-Brown