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Faculty of Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability Conference 2023


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1. Worsening of Seizure Frequency in Patients with Epilepsy and Intellectual Disability following Administration of the COVID-19 Vaccine: A Case Series
Dr Poorani RathinasamyAdeniyi Adetoki, Amanda Hewitt

Dr Ian Barrett

Dr Alisha Patel, Dr Jane Conley, Dr Nicole Eady 

Dr Akinloye Akinfala, Dr Joshua Bassey, Dr Rahnuma Sharmin, Dr Rupa Gupta 

Dr Sherif Ibrahim, Dr Chanel Parmar, Dr Rupa Gupta

6. Improving the diagnosis and management of dementia in ID – a service development project 
Dr Rachel Gorny, Dr Karol Borzecki, Dr Madalina Cosmulescu

Mrs HollyAnna Marler

Dr Rubayat JesminDr Sharna Bennett, Dr Mo Eyeoyibo

Dr Alexandra Gabrielsson, S Tromans, H Newman, P Triantafyllopoulou, A Hassiotis, P Bassett, L Watkins, I Sawhney, M Cooper, L Griffiths, A Pullen, A Roy, H Angus-Leppan, Thomas RH, M Kinney, P Tittensor, R Shankar 

Dr Sophie Clark, Dr Sam Fraser, Dr Omer Rashid 

11. Audit of the neurosurgical consent form against the Accessible Information Standard
Dr Saima Ahmed, Emily Wheelhouse, Emma Consadine, Fiona Hamilton, Mariam Omokanye

12. Increasing Interest in Intellectual Disability Psychiatry Training: North West Deanery QI Surveys
Dr Rabia Abdul Khaliq, Krishan G, Mockett M

14. Poster will be uploaded here shortly 

15. THE TEN-POINT TREATMENT PROGRAMME: Developing an “Easy-Read” Version
Dr Ayomipo Jeremiah Amiola, Hollyanna Marler, Dr Meghana Rayala, Verity Chester, Eliizabeth Patteril, Prof Regi Alexander

16. An exploratory study to see the applicability of universal non-verbal intelligence test for Indian children with mental retardation 
Dr Sagar Lavania, Madhu Nayak, Daya Ram

17. A case of Munchausen syndrome in a patient with intellectual disability
Dr Deborah Okonji

18. Poster Survey feedback of focused workshops for Genomic Testing
Dr Asma Ambreen, Ali Raheem, Nick Bass, Sanjay Nelson, Nicole Eady, Niah Gaynair, Jana Mikov

Dr Jia Song, Eleanor Fowell, Dr Pritesh Varsani, Dr Eileen McNamara, Dr Laura Korb

20. Clinical Audit of Post Diagnostic Follow up for new Autism Diagnoses in Community Learning Disability Team
Dr Louise Connor, Dr Kalum Amarasuriya

21. Metabolic Health Monitoring of Overweight Patients on Antipsychotic Medication in Tower Hamlets Community Learning Disability Service
Dr Nina Savignano

22. Stopping Over-Medication of People with Learning Disabilities, Autism or both in a Supported Living Facility in Northern Ireland
Dr Patrick Renshaw, Dr Lizzy Donaghy, Dr Michael Doris 

23. A Quality Improvement Project: To improve patient and carer satisfaction at the Intellectual Disability Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic and improve attendance rates
Dr Lizzy Donaghy, Dr Kathryn Cousins, Dr Michael Doris, Mark Johnston, Dr Caroline Kenny, Dr Patrick Renshaw, Frances Maguire, Dolores Atkinson, Julie McGrady

24. The Adoption of a Frailty Index for people with Intellectual Disabilities in the UK: implications for practice and policy
Kamalika Mukherji, Dr Loui Kyriacou, Dr Ivan Slipper, Prof Tim M Gale

25.  A Quality Improvement Project – Understanding the experience of the Children’s LD Team members in accessing Children’s LD Psychiatry at LSCFT.
Dr Jessal Chudasama, Dr Wala Elabbas, Dr Mischa Mockett  

26. Non-pharmacological interventions in the management of ADHD in adults with learning disability: A literature review
Dr Ayfer Sun, Dr Tooba Khan

27. The impact of menopause on behaviours of concern for people with learning disabilities
Dr Jessdeep Rai, Dr Jack Wilson, Dr Bernice Knight, Dr Niall O’Kane, Dr Ella Perry, Miss Daisy Sax

28. Clinical Placement at a Community Learning Disability Service and What I Learned from It
Ms Manisha Bumma 

29. PRSB( Professional Record Standards Body) outpatient clinic letters standard
Dr Prasanna Rajbhandari, Dr Mark Scheepers

30. Documentation of CGI and GASS for patients taking antipsychotics
Dr Emily Sanger, Amanda Spencer