Poster Viewing Area | Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry Annual Conference 2024


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Dr Rianne Parmar, Dr Joanne Parry, Dr Thomas Nicoll, Dr James Dugan

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8. Exploring Weight Management Needs of Individuals with Severe Mental Illness (SMI) in Secure Settings: A Qualitative Inquiry
Ms Novia Mak, Dr Bridget Dibb, Dr Nicholas Stokes, Professor Elizabeth Barley

9. Poster no longer available 

10. Voluntary and coercive covert trading behaviour on low and medium secure psychiatric units: a cross-sectional study 
Dan Cleall, Jared G. Smith

11. Poster not received

12. Monitoring restrictive practices in an old age forensic and high support inpatient service
Dr Marco Picchioni, Dr Samuel Kannemeyer, Dr Kenneth Fergusson

13. An audit of the unique characteristics of an old age forensic inpatient service 
Dr Marco Picchioni, Dr Samuel Kannemeyer, Dr Kenneth Fergusson

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15. Change in Quality of Life After the Relocation of a National Forensic Mental Health Service: A Dundrum Forensic Redevelopment Evaluation Study (D-FOREST)
Ali Nikkhah, Paul McLaughlin, M.Umer Waqar, Harry G Kennedy, Mary Davoren

16. Safe and Happy Communities 
Dr Sanjib Kumar Ghosh, Matekenya Muzondo, Lucie Smith, Brenda Abrah, Denis Thompson

17.  How can violence be reduced in Forensic Intellectual Disabilities medium (and low) security inpatient wards? Review of a Quality Improvement Project and Interventions across 8 years
Dr Sanjib Kumar Ghosh, The entire team working on Shoreditch Ward, Forensic Directorate, East London NHS Foundation Trust. 

18. Making a ZERO Long-Term Segregation Acute Forensic LD ward
Dr Sanjib Kumar Ghosh, Dr Abi Goldsmith-Sumner, Dr Lawrence Yong

19. A literature review, 7-year evaluation and QI application of multidisciplinary ward round standards in secure services across 2 Trusts  
Dr Sanjib Kumar Ghosh, Nodira Nosratdinova, Laura Samso

20. Poster not received

21. Self-rated measures of programme completion and recovery among the patient group of the National Forensic Mental Health Service, Ireland
Mohamed Alsaffar, Mohamed Umer Waqar, Harry G Kennedy, Mary Davoren

22. Migrants and security measures in Italy: a retrospective study
Ilaria Rossetto, Lia Parente, Felice Francesco Carabellese

23. Quality improvement and  Delivering a Therapeutic Community in a High Secure LD Service 
Dr Emmanuella Akande, Barry Lloyd, Theresa Phipps

24. An Audit into the Use of Psychotropic Medications in Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a High Security Psychiatric Hospital
Dr Elliott Carthy, Dr David Murphy

25. Comparing forensic and non-forensic women with schizophrenia spectrum disorders: A European study
Laura Lozzino, Alessia Cicolini, Simone Giacco, Janusz Heitzman, Marco Picchioni, Johannes Wancata, Giovanni de Girolamo

26. Violence risk and mental disorders (VIORMED-2) A prospective multicenter study in Italy
Laura Iozzino, Stefano Barlati, Giorgio Bianconi, Massimo Clerici, Maria Teresa Ferla, Giovanni de Girolamo

27. Project Proposal for Service User Experiences of Care Provisions within Women’s FIRST
Tarnveer Bhogal, Fiona Hynes, Lorna Almond

28. Team Based Quality Review: An innovative, structured and collaborative approach to reviewing adverse events using human factors methodology
Dr Caitlin O'Leary, Dr David Walsh

29. What are the barriers to research in a High Secure Hospital? A qualitative study
Lauren Boniface, Laura Groger, Dr Jonathan Hafferty, Josephine Broyd

30. The feasibility, usability and applications of Virtual Reality headset devices for patients and staff in Broadmoor Hospital (High Secure Services)
Laura Groger, Lauren Boniface, Dr Jonathan Hafferty, David Murphy, Josephine McInerney, Benedict Hard, Donald Servant

31. Assessing fidelity of eyewitness accounts of physical assaults  to  CCTV footage on a male medium secure unit—A service evaluation project
Dr Ashvini Selvaraj, Dr Trevor Broughton, Dr Matthew Nelson

32. Clinical re-audit and service evaluation project of prison healthcare wing HMP Chelmsford
Dr Nick Hallett

33. Poster no longer available 

34. Needs of forensic psychiatric patients with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders in five European countries
Johannes Wancata, Marlene Koch, Laura Lozzino, Raimund Oberndorfer, Thomas Stompe, Giovanni De Girolamo

35. An audit into the adherence to the Royal College of Psychiatry’s Care Programme Approach clinical guidance at HMP Bullingdon
Dr Elliott Carthy, Dr Jonathan Phillips, Dr Takayuki Mashimo, Rebecca Byrne, Dr Edward Mitchell

36. An audit into adherence to NHS England guidelines for transfer of prisoners under the Mental Health Act from HMP Bullingdon
Dr Elliott Carthy, Dr Joseph Butler, Rebecca Byrne, Dr Edward Mitchell

37. Diagnosing diagnostic disagreement between expert witnesses
Michael Jewell, Will Perchard, Matthew Hartley

38. Poster no longer available 

40. A systematic review of pharmacological interventions to reduce violence in patients with schizophrenia in forensic psychiatry settings
Marco Picchioni, Andreas Reisegger, Rudolf Slamanig, Hildegard Winkler, Giovanni de Girolamo, Giuseppe Carrà, Cristina Crocamo, Pawel Gosek, Janusz Heitzman, Marco Picchioni, Johannes Wancata

41. Poster no longer available 

42. Risk factors for self-harm amongst men in prison: evidence from the SHAPE prospective cohort study
Mahdi Sadeghi, Thomas Stephenson, Nigel Blackwood

43. The DUNDRUM theory scale: Relating the DUNDRUM programme completion and recovery tools to engagement, cycle of change and recovery theory
Dorothee Driever, Riaz Moola, M. Umer Waqar, Harry G Kenney, Mary Davoren

44. Audit of compliance with Trust policy for senior medical reviews of seclusion and segregation within SWLSTG forensic inpatient services
Emma Khosla, Hector Blott, Barbara Veras

45. Self-Rated and Clinician-Rated Global Assessment of Functioning (MIRECC GAF): Comparing clinician views and patient self-rated views of overall functioning in a forensic psychiatric hospital cohort
Claire Smith, David Martin, Tara O’Brien, Monette Dimitrov, Eimear Kelly, Ijaz Ahmad, Harry G Kennedy,  Mary Davoren

46. Audit on Compliance with RCPsych and SPFT Guidelines for HDAT Monitoring in Forensic Health Care Services
Dr Magdalena Pietryka, Dr Shumaila Asmat, Dr Benjamin Jones, Dr Stephanie Johnson, Dr Artem Uznach, Dr Brad Peet, Dr Richard Harris

47. Prevalence of serious mental illness in prisoners worldwide: an updated  systematic review and meta-analysis of 119 studies in 37 countries
Christina Emilian, Noura Al-Juffali, Seena Fazel