FAQs - Section 12(2) Induction

Please check the Approvals Process FAQs below and/or speak to your  Local Approvals Panel before booking to make sure that this is the right course for you.  
No. Completing this course is only one part of the approval process and does not automatically guarantee Section 12(2) Approval. Please speak to your  local Approvals Panel to make sure all approval requirements are met.  
View the available dates and select a date to suit you

The course is made up of 6 eLearning modules, hosted on  My Learning , followed by attendance at a live Q&A webinar.

Each module is comprised of recorded presentations, interactive learning exercises and an end of module test.  

After you have completed all six modules, you need to attend a live Q&A webinar where you ask questions to a panel of expert speakers.  

Please note: attendance at a live Q&A webinar is a mandatory component to the course.  

The restriction on movements announced by the UK Government on 16 March 2020 resulted in all RCPsych training events and conferences being cancelled until restrictions are lifted.  

These cancellations include all Section 12 and Approved Clinician Induction and Refresher courses delivered by the RCPsych and other providers. Arrangements have come into place from the Department of Health and Social Care to extend the existing registration of Approved Clinicians and Section 12 Doctors but there are no new mechanisms which would allow clinicians to be initially approved.  

In order to support mental health services in England and Wales during this pandemic a new online training course has been produced in order to allow applicants who meet the approval criteria, and returning retired doctors, to enter the workforce.  

Learning modules are accessible on any device or browser, although there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing your method:

  • Desktop or laptop computers (PC or Mac) are ideal for online learning. Modules are accessible on all browsers and are tested at development stage on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Tablets are ideal for working through modules when you are not able to access a computer as the screens tend to be large enough to display the content at full quality.
  • We do not recommend working through modules on a mobile phone. Although modules are accessible on phones, the small screens mean that the process can be fiddly and some of the content will be difficult to read and engage with (such as interactive activities).

If you experience any technical issues when working through a module you can visit our FAQs page for assistance.

It is important that you seek protected time to complete the elearning modules, just as you would if attending the 2 day face-to-face training course. 

You should set aside the equivalent time of up to 12 hours to complete the series of modules.

In addition, the live Q&A webinar lasts for 2 hours.

No. The online modules have been designed to be completed in your own time, to allow flexibility around other work and home commitments. 

Please take regular breaks.  

The exception to this is the live Q&A webinar, which is a mandatory component of the course. You will need to book to attend a specific date and timed live session.  

Each webinar is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.   

After completing each online module, you will receive an end-of-module certificate.

After attending the live webinar we will check that you have completed all six modules, before sending your course completion certificate. 

You will only be issued with a course completion certificate if you have completed all the modules and then attended one of the Q&A Webinars.

Note that attendance at a course is only one part of the approval process, and a course certificate should not be offered or accepted as evidence of approval.

The course is eligible for 1 CPD point per hour (up to a maximum of 12 points), subject to peer group approval.

After attending the live Q&A webinar session you will be asked to complete a course evaluation form and it is an expectation, although not mandatory, that all course attendees provide feedback at the end of the course. 

There is also the opportunity to review/comment on individual modules throughout the course.  

Changes to your booking will incur a 20% admin fee

Please ensure you are available on the date you book for

Please allow enough time to complete your eLearning modules, before your booked webinar date

You need to complete your eLearning before you attend a live webinar.

If it has not been completed, you will not be permitted access into the webinar session

Changes to your booking with incur a 20% admin fee, so please ensure you are available on the date you book and have allowed enough time to complete your eLearning. 

Please read our terms and conditions before booking.  


Approval/eligibility FAQs

Please contact your regional Approvals Office and request for an application pack. Return a completed Application Form with a copy of your certificate of attendance of S12(2) Induction course, CV, ARCP for trainees and CPD compliance for non-trainees as well as DBS check Please check with your regional panel before submitting your application as there may be additional documents that individual panels require. 

Career grade psychiatrists with 48 months of experience (wte) in a supervised psychiatric post are eligible to apply for S12(2) approval. You will be required to provide evidence of experience along with the application documents that include a detailed CV, evidence of CPD compliance, DBS, copy of your certificate of attendance following completion of a S12(2) Induction course and two supervised Mental Health Assessments. (Form can be obtained by email request to your  local Approval Panel).

Yes, you could still apply for S12 approval, provided you meet the professional requirements and eligibility criteria for S12(2) approval at the time of application.

However, the Panel must be satisfied that the applicant has provided satisfactory evidence of ongoing involvement in the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorder.

Yes. GPs on the Performers List with MRCGP qualification and have a minimum of three years full time experience in a salaried or principal GP post, which is not a temporary post are eligible to apply. This should include at least 4 months of experience in a supervised psychiatric training post, or a post that satisfies the criteria for accreditation by the Royal College of GPs, as a GP with special interest in mental health.

GPs without MRCGP, but have 4 years’ experience as a salaried or principal general practitioner, which is not a temporary post will be able to apply for S12(2).  This should include at least 4 months of experience in a supervised psychiatric training post, or a post that satisfies the criteria for accreditation by the Royal College of GPs, as a GP with special interest in mental health.


Yes, Section 12(2) approval transferable between England & Wales.

You can register for Continuing Professional Development with the Royal College of Psychiatrists either as a full member or an affiliate. This is free to those who have passed their CASC and obtained a full membership. If you are not a member of the RCPsych and therefore not providing a CPD certificate, evidence of CPD would be accepted via a peer group form, which is signed off by your peer group.

No. It is a national requirement (New Instruction 2015) that applicants for approval must have attended a two-day Mental Health Act (Section 12(2) Approval Training Course.  Your papers may be processed before your course attendance to avoid further delay provided you let your  local Approvals office have evidence of your course booking together with your application.  Approval will not be granted until your course certificate is provided to the Approvals Panel.

Possibly, but suggested to wait for at least six months from the date of refusal, depending on the reasons given for your refusal. If the problem or issue which prevented your approval has been addressed you may be approved on reapplication.

You can apply under criteria 3.1 if you have MRCPsych qualification and for that you would require 3 months of experience in England or Wales to meet the reference Criteria.

Applicants seeking approval under criteria 3.4, and who have trained abroad, are required as a minimum to have worked 12 months in England or Wales and to have appropriate overseas experience of 3 years duration. Their overseas experience should be supported by a certificate or confirmatory letter indicating that the experience received was supervised (Further information can be obtained by contacting your  regional Approvals Panel). 


You will need to have worked in England or Wales for 3 months  to meet the reference requirement.

In addition the Section 12 Introductory Course requirement and evidence is required of CPD compliance, DBS and CV.

The Duty AMPH who asks you to conduct the assessment should provide you with a claim form.  This is usually sent to the Mental Health Act rota Administrator from each Trust who usually authorises payment via the respective CCG/Trust Finance Department. Please contact your Trust/AMHP/LA directly for further information.