Poster Presenter Prize Winners

In this section you will find a list of poster presenter prize winners for the International Congress 2022.

RCPsych Student/Foundation Year Doctors Poster Prize

Poster no.Name Career statusTheme Poster Prize
452Jack BlakeFoundation DoctorEducation and TrainingGenerating recommendations for medical curricula to reduce stigma towards psychiatry from medical students1st Prize (£100)
630Manu SidhuMedical StudentEducation and TrainingWhat Do Medical Students Think About Incorporating VR into Psychiatry Education and Training?2nd Prize (£50)
408Laura ConvertinoFoundation DoctorResearch Impaired Grid-like representations at Theta frequency in Schizophrenia1st Prize (£100)
333Valerie CaiMedical studentResearchGender Identity and Questioning in Klinefelter’s Syndrome2nd Prize (£50)
466Jiaying ChenFoundation DoctorService Evaluation/QI/
Audit/Case Study
Working with a patient with personality disorder: a case report and reflection on my experience1st Prize (£100)
578Jai RamchandaniMedical studentService Evaluation/QI/
Audit/Case Study
Co-produced for use: Developing an information and symptom self-management resource for people with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)2nd Prize (£50)

RCPsych Core/Higher Trainees Poster Prize

Poster no.NameCareer statusThemePosterPrize
591Daniel Di FrancescoCore Psychiatric TraineeEducation and TrainingVirtual Simduction Programme Improves Junior Doctor Confidence and Knowledge for Psychiatry Rotation1st Prize (£100)
240Claire GeeHigher Psychiatric TraineeEducation and TrainingHow are special interest sessions used by higher psychiatry trainees in Wessex Deanery?2nd Prize (£50)
338Charlotte DinkelCore Psychiatric TraineeResearchExamining the Levels of Violence in Mental Health Trusts1st Prize (£100)
221Emma McPhailHigher Psychiatric TraineeResearchExploring the effects of early trauma in a Forensic High Secure population: Evaluating associations between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD)2nd Prize (£50)
657Lai-Ting CheungCore Psychiatric TraineeService Evaluation/QI/
Audit/Case Study
Remote Clinical Assessments and Management during COVID-19: Views of the Patients and Clinicians about the Future Preferences1st Prize (£100)
670Kris RobertsCore Psychiatric TraineeService Evaluation/QI/
Audit/Case Study
End of Life Care on a Neuropsychiatric Inpatient Ward for Patients with Huntington’s Disease: An Overview of Issues and a Project to Optimise Care2nd Prize (£50)
311Emma DaviesCore Psychiatric TraineeService Evaluation/QI/
Audit/Case Study
Identifying transition to First Episode Psychosis (FEP) from 'At Risk Mental State' (ARMS) in Sussex Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) services2nd Prize (£50)
365Rebecca LeesCore Psychiatric TraineeService Evaluation/QI/
Audit/Case Study
Assessing the Anticholinergic Burden in the West Memory Assessment Service (MAS)2nd Prize (£50)