180th Anniversary Webinar: Where were all the women?

Thursday 18 February 2021

This webinar tells the story of how men fought to keep women out of medicine and how women eventually overcame the barriers.


Dr Kate Lovett, Dean, Royal College of Psychiatrists

This was followed by panel discussion:

  • Dr Claire Hilton, Consultant Psychiatrist, RCPsych Historian in Residence
  • Dr Rajesh Mohan, Presidential Lead on Race and Equality
  • Dr Gianetta Rands, Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Dr Fiona Subotsky, Consultant Psychiatrist and former RCPsych Treasurer

Chaired by: Dr Beena Rajkumar, Consultant Psychiatrist, Director of Medical Education, Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust and co-Chair, Women and Mental Health Special Interest Group

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