Speaker presentation guidelines 2022

These guidelines are intended for speakers who are presenting in-person at the EICC in a session or masterclass. If you are planning on presenting remotely please contact congress@rcpsych.ac.uk 

  1. There will be a speaker preview area for you to sit and work on your presentation should you wish to do so. This area is the Lomond Foyer on level 0 on the same level as registration 

  2. Please go to the speaker preview room and upload your presentation at least 2 hours before the start of your session, our technicians will assist you to ensure the presentations are running correctly and any videos are embedded appropriately 

  3. PowerPoint or Keynote are the preferred methods of presentation at this meeting because it allows greater flexibility of movement for the speaker and better size, clarity and definition of images.  PowerPoint/Keynote will be available in each lecture room 

  4. Please ensure that you email your PowerPoint/Keynote presentation to congress@rcpsych.ac.uk by Monday 6 June  

  5. Please let the Congress team know if you are intending to use the internet during your presentation (we will need to make appropriate arrangements before the Congress starts) 

  6. Please let the Congress Team know by Friday 22 April if you would like to use any AV equipment other than PowerPoint/Keynote 

  7. All projection screens will be 16:9 aspect ratio 

  8. Here are some general pointers on handling presentations: 

  • Images - avoid using unnecessarily large image files.  High quality scans and photographs do not usually need to be any larger than 100k in size. Save images in a compressed file format (e.g .jpg) 

  • Naming your presentation - always include your name and session number in your chosen filename: e.g. S21SmithJ.ppt as it’s easier for the technicians to identify your presentation 

  • Presentations containing video and/or audio clips - please send both the PowerPoint file and the video/audio file to maintain the links in the presentation. Please bring a copy of both the presentation and the video/audio files with you as backup to the event. 

  • To avoid problems with display fonts, please only use common fonts ie. Arial, Courier, Courier New, Geneva, Georgia, Helvetica, Times and Roman times. 

  • Each room has a slide advancer, laser pointer and comfort monitor at the lectern for the presenters use. 


Contact Us

If you have any problems with your submission please get in touch:
E: congress.posters@rcpsych.ac.uk 
T: 020 8618 4120

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