Caring for the whole person:

Physical healthcare of older adults with mental illness: Integration of care

CR222, May 2019

This Report, produced by the College’s Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry highlights the multiple physical health needs of older adults with mental illness particularly those in psychiatric inpatient wards. The report covers the most commonly encountered co morbid conditions and it provides both practical advice for front line staff as well as making recommendations on training and commissioning of services to help achieve better outcomes for older people. It emphasises the value of an integrated collaborative approach to care.

The Report reflects the fact that older people with mental illnesses in psychiatric inpatient wards are often unable to access advice from geriatricians whilst on the ward and have to either attend A and E as an emergency or have to go to Hospital and wait in out-patients to be seen. This is in complete contrast to the acute medical wards where older peoples with physical health issues can get expert mental health advice from liaison services whilst on the ward. The report recommends that this is addressed by commissioning of liaison geriatricians to support older adult mental health services in inpatient settings and in the community.


  • Foreword
  • List of contributors
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Summary of OP100 recommendations
  • Physical healthcare of older adults with mental illness
  • Recommendations
  • References
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