Mental Health of Higher Education Students

CR231, May 2021

Given the importance of young people to the future of the country, it is crucial that students are supported in achieving their ambitions when studying. This means taking care of their wider needs beyond education, including their mental health. The College is committed to playing its part in doing this and this Report reflects that. 

Students who travel away from home to University who are already receiving mental healthcare need to be able to smoothly continue care in the place that they are studying. Similarly, those who develop mental health conditions while at University need an end-to-end range of integrated care available to meet their needs. Despite the best intentions of those working in the University and local mental health services structural issues in the healthcare system can be a barrier to doing this.

The information and recommendations within this Report highlights these issues and makes solution-based recommendations, which if implemented can make a positive impact on mental health services for this important group in our society.

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