Perinatal Mental Health Services: 

Recommendations for the provision of services for childbearing women

CR232, September 2021

The College warmly welcomes the increasing international recognition of the wide-ranging and enduring impact of perinatal mental illness and the corresponding commitment by the four UK nations to greater investment in perinatal mental health services. 

This College Report summarises the latest evidence base for the extent and impact of perinatal mental disorder and opportunities for intervention. It sets out:

  • best practice principles
  • guidance on effective interventions
  • workforce recommendations

It also recognises that the provision of high-quality mental health care in the perinatal period is not solely the responsibility of specialist perinatal mental health teams; it involves all psychiatrists and mental health practitioners working with women of childbearing potential and their families, such as general adult, liaison, CAMHS, eating disorders, learning disabilities, forensic and psychotherapy teams.

We believe that this Report can not only help embed the progress we have already seen in perinatal mental health services; it can help drive further progress.

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