Medical emergencies in eating disorders (MEED)

Guidance on recognition and management

CR233, May 2022

To tackle the serious harms, up to and including death, associated with eating disorders it is crucial that more is done to identify them at the earliest stage possible so that the appropriate care and treatment can be provided.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is committed to playing its part in this ambition and this new guidance on how to respond to Medical Emergencies in Eating Disorders reflects a significant contribution to that objective. This guidance, based on the advice and recommendations of an Expert Working Group provides a comprehensive overview of the latest evidence associated with eating disorders, including highlighting the importance and role of healthcare professionals from right across the spectrum recognising their responsibilities in this area.

We call upon all of those who can influence the implementation of this guidance to do so in order that those with eating disorders can be supported to achieving the better lives that they deserve.

Note: this report supersedes previous College Reports CR168 and CR189.

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