Framework for routine outcome measurement in liaison psychiatry (FROM-LP II)

CR241, June 2024

There is a growing need to accurately capture how mental health care positively impacts people’s lives, both to help improve services and to promote the value of well-funded mental health care. Created to meet this need, this document, FROM-LP (II), is intended to help liaison psychiatry services across the NHS effectively provide the best care possible with the aim of securing better outcomes for patients.

FROM-LP (II) is a revision of the Framework for Routine Outcome Measurement in Liaison Psychiatry (FROM-LP) and aims to further standardise outcome measurement in liaison psychiatry, and ensure they are as practical, cost-effective, validated, and as relevant to patients and carers as possible. It outlines robust and effective approaches to outcome measurement, draws from feedback to FROM-LP, and incorporates updated recommendations.

Through its implementation, it can deliver benefits to patients, clinicians and services alike.

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