Outcome measures in psychiatry

CR240, June 2024

There is growing recognition of the importance of being able to understand the impact of your interventions and associated with that, improve the lives of the patients being treated. Mental health needs to be able to do this; it’s good for services, patients and those seeking to influence the Government and others in providing well-resourced services that contribute to the parity of esteem between physical and mental health.

This report, Outcome measures in psychiatry, for the first time provides guidance and advice across all the specialties of psychiatry. It is intended to help services measure their clinical outcomes. It sets out principles governing patient- and clinician-rated outcome measurement in mental health, and then provides more detailed covering the specialties within psychiatric care.

It is intended to remain clinically useful in support of, and relevant to, wider national policy in the short and long term, and across all four nations of the United Kingdom.

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