Voting rights as a mental health patient

We're committed to ensuring people with mental illnesses are given fair and equal access to participate in society – the same as everyone else. This includes by having the opportunity to vote during a general election, if they wish to.

The opportunity to vote is really important. It gives everyone the chance to have their say in regional and national decision-making.

However, it is well understood that significant numbers of mental health service users are unable to exercise their right to vote during an election.

This could be because they are unaware that, unless you have been convicted, everyone is eligible to vote, or they do not know how to register or they may lack the confidence to vote.

The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday 18 June.

Psychiatrists and the wider mental health workforce have an important role to play in supporting patients in mental health services to their right to vote.

During the 2024 general election the College will work with relevant institutions to support mental health patients in hospitals to have the equal opportunity to fully participate in the country’s democratic process.

Below are a list of relevant resources and guides to help people living with mental illness to understand their rights and have the opportunity to vote.

Voting resources for people with mental illness

Video resources

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