QNLD Publishes new Standards for Community Learning Disability Services

CCQI news
19 January 2022

Following the publication of the first edition standards for adult community learning disability services in 2019, the Quality Network for Learning Disability Services (QNLD) have published the Second Edition set which reflect what was learnt from the initial phase of the QNLD Community project and any other changes in policy and practice in this time.

The standards have been drawn from key documents and expert consensus and have been subject to extensive consultation via a standards development group, which includes professional groups involved in the provision of community learning disability services, as well as carer representatives. They incorporate the College Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) Core Community Standards, as well as specialist standards relating specifically to community learning disability services.

The second edition standards for adult community learning disability services can be found here. If you would like any more information on the standards or how teams can join the network please contact L.D@rcpsych.ac.uk

For further information, please contact: