Involving services users and carers

Steering Group

Our Steering Group includes representatives with experience of living with dementia, or providing care for a person with dementia. The Steering Group advises us on all aspects of the project.

Feedback from people with dementia

The NAD Patient Feedback questionnaire has been used since Round 5 of the audit. It was developed through consultations with people with dementia who had experience of hospital admissions.

Feedback favoured a dementia specific survey tool that could be used flexibly in questionnaire or interview formats. Items for the tool were developed from topics identified during consultations and the content and format of questions was discussed and finalised with representatives on the Steering Group.

The resultant NAD Patient Feedback Questionnaire is available in text and emoji formats, and in multiple languages.

The questionnaire is currently in the process of being validated, and hospitals collecting this information receive local reporting based on 6 month time points.

Representatives with experiences of caring for someone who has dementia sit on the Steering Group which advises on all aspects of the audit. 

Carer questionnaire

Development of the carer questionnaire was informed by a panel of carers and patients. Carers were involved in testing the questionnaire and returned comments on content and format.

Use of the carer questionnaire began in Round 3 of the audit and has been used in all rounds since. It produces scores for each participating hospital on communication and overall rating of care. 

In Round 5 of the audit, we received a total of 2,223 carer questionnaire responses from people who look after a family member/friend/partner with dementia in England and Wales.

The National Dementia Action Alliance (NDAA) is an initiative supported by Alzheimer’s Society. NAD was represented on its task force that created the Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter. The charter outlines important principles about working in partnership with carers and people with dementia. There is an accompanying poster that hospitals signed up to the charter can display.

The Dementia-Friendly Hospital Charter is a founding document for the Dementia Friendly Hospital Charter for Wales.

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