We are delighted to announce the publication of the first ACOMHS National Thematic Report 2016 – 2021. Download a copy of the report.  

What does the report contain?

The report highlights some of the most commonly unmet ACOMHS standards, explores why these are often unmet at the point of peer review and contains recommendations to meet these standards and improve practice in these areas. There are six themes the commonly unmet standards fall into;

• Patient and Carer Involvement 
• Carer Support
• Physical Health 
• Frequency of Systems in Place 
• Training and Additional Staffing 

• Provision of Information

The project team have included suggestions for good practice and copies of matrix tools for processes such as recording training. 

Who created the report?

The ACOMHS project team have created this report in conjunction with the network’s carer and patient representatives and a group of members who provided insight around the identified themes and good practice in these areas. Responses and discussions around themes are contained within the report and have been incorporated into the recommendations. 

How should the report be used? 

The report can be used by ACOMHS member services who are new to the network, services who are accredited or those who are beginning the process of re-accreditation, to review the commonly unmet standards at the point of peer review and utilise the recommendations and resources provided to support quality improvement in these areas.

For non-members working within or interested in community mental health services, the report can be used as a reflective tool, to invite discussion and generate ideas for improving processes and practices within community mental health services.

We encourage services to share the report and discuss the recommendations with their whole team and colleagues in their wider network. 

If you have any questions about any of the information contained within the National Thematic Report, please contact the ACOMHS Project Team (

The second edition of standards for community mental health services were published (ACOMHS) in January 2020. Download a copy of the standards (PDF).

Overarching principles

The overarching principles that have guided the development of our standards are that:

  • People with mental health problems should receive timely assessment and treatment which is focussed on their individual needs and recovery goals.
  • People with mental health problems and their carers should receive a service that is person-centred and takes into account their unique and changing personal, psychosocial and physical needs.

Reflecting the views of those in the field

We know that those who are in the field have the best understanding of the issues and challenges that they face in providing high quality care.

The standards are drawn from relevant policies, guidelines and research literature and have been developed in consultation with a multidisciplinary group of professionals working in community mental health services, service users and carers

Keeping up to date

The second edition standards were published in January 2020 and reflect recent developments in policy and practice and any issues identified through the accreditation process. The standards are in line with NHS England's Community Mental Heath Framework for Adults & Older Adults, which is being rolled out to teams in the coming years.

A multidisciplinary standards development group, comprising of representatives professionals working in, and with, community mental health services and service user and carer representatives, is responsible for the revision process.

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