Training and events

EE Awareness

This workshop may be of interest to both members and non-members and is presented with the aim of teaching delegates about the EE Standards and the award process. The workshop will also provide an understanding of good practice in creating a healthy psycho-social environment for providers and recipients. It provides a forum to:

  • Learn more about Enabling Environments
  • Reflect on the application of the standards in developing your service
  • Build relationships with other services with similar goals
  • Develop a greater understanding of the award and assessment process

Next Training: 9 July 2020

Cost: £95 + VAT per delegate (Free to member services)

Portfolio Training

This workshop is aimed at EE member services only who are currently part of the Enabling Environments Award process. It assumes that the participants are familiar with the Award process and engaged in compiling a portfolio of evidence within their service. The workshop is designed to:

  • Further your understanding on how to build your portfolio
  • Share tools and tips for gathering evidence
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of the EE process in more detail
  • Provide the space to ask questions and hear back from like-minded services

To enquire: Please contact or look out for the booking form in your email inbox.

Cost: £95 + VAT per delegate (Free to member services).

Maintaining an Enabling Environment

This workshop is aimed at EE Award holders only. The workshop is designed to support awarded services to successfully maintain an enabling culture within their service. It provides a forum to:

  • Discuss the nuts and bolts of maintaining an Enabling Environment
  • Addresses the relational aspect of sustaining an Enabling Environment
  • Discuss the challenges and successes of maintaining EE in your service
  • Introduces an EE Maintenance Toolkit

To enquire: Please contact or look out for the booking form in your email inbox.

Cost: Free to member services (£95 + VAT for non-member services).

Assessor Training

There are currently EE Assessor Telephone Clinics running to provide support for Assessors.

The next clinics are on the following dates:

22 July at 15.30

12 Aug at 15.30

16 Sept at 15.30

13 Oct at 13.30

18 Nov at 15.30

8 Dec at 13.30

To book: Please contact or Susan Williams directly. 

Cost: Free

Become an EE Assessor!

If you are interested in becoming an Assessor, take a look at the Job Description and Person Specification EE Assessors and EE Assessor Application Form 2019.

Return completed application forms, along with a CV, to

Next Online EE Assessor Training Days:  TBC

EE Telephone Clinics

Clinics are held regularly and are for members only. They are group telephone conference calls offering you the opportunity to ask an assessor questions about your own EE process and to benefit from discussions with other member services. Topics might include:

  • How to get started in the EE process
  • Ideas for developing your EE if there are one or more standards you do not meet
  • How to gather evidence on a particular standard
  • How to deal with apathy from providers or recipients
  • What to do if there are some criteria that seem to be inapplicable
  • Discussing assessment guidelines

The next clinics are on the following dates:

30 June at 13.30

21 July at 13.30

12 Aug at 15.30

27 Aug at 15.30

15 Sept at 13.30

14 Oct at 15.30

17 Nov at 13.30

9 Dec at 15.30

We offer space for 4 services at each session.

To book: Please write to with details of your organization and the names of participants.

Cost: Free to member services

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