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QNFMHS Webinars

We are hosting weekly webinars/discussion groups where individuals can come together to learn and discuss certain topics. Each webinar will have a specific theme and will be facilitated by the QN team.

The webinars are free to attend. For more information, or to join the webinar, please email forensics@rcpsych.ac.uk

Joint Annual Forum for Medium and Low Secure Services, 18 June 2020

We are excited to announce that the Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services will be having a joint Annual Forum this year for both Medium and Low Secure Services! 

Date: Thursday 18 June 2020 (timings to be confirmed)

Venue: Renold Building, The University of Manchester, Altrincham Street, Manchester, M1 7DN

Booking: If you would like to register your place, please complete this online booking form.

Cost: The delegate day rate is £80. Patients and carers with experience of secure services can attend for free.

If you have any questions about this event in the meantime, please contact  kelly.rodriguez@rcpsych.ac.uk or 0203 701 2684.

Reviewer training is a free event for staff from a service that is a member of the Quality Network. The training is a great learning experience for those who are interested in participating in external peer-reviews, at medium and low secure forensic mental health services.

Learning objectives

The training will give potential reviewers the opportunity to gain practical knowledge about how to conduct a peer-review visit. The training day will involve presentation, discussion and workshops created to develop the skills of a reviewer.

By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the Quality Network’s overall peer-review review process
  2. Deliver the role and responsibilities of a peer reviewer before, during and after the peer-review
  3. Troubleshoot and manage complaints and other difficulties that may arise during a peer-review
  4. Describe and promote the ethos of the Quality Network’s peer-reviews
  5. Describe the key benefits of the peer-review process and membership of the Quality Network

The training is free to member services.

Next training date

We will be announcing further training dates shortly, for September 2020.  


If you have any questions about QNFMHS reviewer training, please contact Kate.Bennett@rcpsych.ac.uk

QNFMHS previous events

If you would like to access presentations from our past events, you can find these on our group page on Knowledge Hub under the 'library' tab.

To join knowledge hub, email 'join' to forensics@rcpsych.ac.uk.

Previous event presentations on knowledge hub:

Prison Transfer and Remission: Improving Practice, 27 November 2018

Managing a Healthy Weight, 27 February 2019

MSU Annual Forum, 21 May 2019

LSU Annual Forum, 20 June 2019

Trauma-Informed Care within Forensic and Prison Mental Health Services, 21 November 2019

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