QNFMHS webinars (COVID-19)

Our Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services (QNFMHS) team created a series of webinars for CCQI during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

QNPMHS Webinar #8 – 8 September 2020

Broadmoor’s new state of the art hospital has rolled out a new technology to improve patient safety and wellbeing in forensic wards. Dr Robert Bates, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Clinical Director, and Laura Cozens, Senior Clinical Manager, will share first-hand experience on how to deliver technology at-scale in forensic services, and discuss the impact on service users and staff.

QNFMHS Webinar #7 – 28 July 2020

We are pleased to announce our next webinar, which will cover the experiences of a consultant forensic psychiatrist at Ashworth high security hospital, to discuss their personal journey over the years in engaging with families.

It will also discuss the experiences of two carers who will share their experiences of secure services and the meaningful involvement they have had in their loved one's care.

Additionally, the webinar will discuss Open Dialogue, a systematic and person-centred model of care involving working with patients' families and networks to enable a more collaborative approach to mental healthcare.

QNFMHS Webinar #6 - 9 June 2020

The webinar posed the following question: How might mental health professionals engage with carers?

Ian Henwood, Together Associate Director, gave practical examples from the ‘advice to carers during the coronavirus’ document. Sheena Foster, Carer Representative, Royal College of Psychiatrists, discussed engaging with carers from a secure service perspective.

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QNFMHS Webinar #5 – 4 June 2020

Throughout the current crisis, many healthcare workers (HCWs) have worked long hours in high-pressured novel circumstances characterised by trauma and moral dilemmas. Many have faced the risk of infection, and by extension infecting their families, with outcomes seemingly worse for some, including black, Asian, and minority ethnic staff. Additionally, remote working is likely to have brought its own challenges. Some staff will undoubtedly thrive in such circumstances, but many will not.

Professor Neil Greenberg and Dr Derek Tracy outline the risks to the mental health of HCWs posed by the crisis and also what the scientific evidence says should be done to help.

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QNFMHS Webinar #4 – 29 May 2020

The Exercise Professionals for Mental Health (EPMH) Network hosted a webinar to look at the role and importance of physical activity on peoples well-being in secure settings and PICUs. Especially now, given the challenges faced and extra restrictions on movement, we will discuss adaptations that can be made.

We are joined by the following to talk about their experiences:

  • Steven Clark and Sofie Grabinski (Senior Clinical Exercise Therapist – South West London & St. George’s Mental Health NHS Trust)
  • Jack Phillips - Lead Physical Health Practitioner - Devon Partnership NHS Trust
  • Gareth Connell – Sports Instructor – Midlands Partnership NHS Trust
  • Anthony MacDonald – Exercise Therapist – Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust 

QNFMHS Webinar #3 – 28 May 2020

This webinar, ‘Insights on Restoration, Recovery and Remodelling in Mental Health’, considered the reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on issues surrounding forensic mental health services.

We reflected on changes in practices (institutional and community); procedural changes (regulatory, justice); patient, staff and carer experiences; and, looked forward toward innovations and potential lasting changes arising from the crisis.

The webinar involved contributions from: Dr Quazi Haque, Dr Paul Gilluley, Dr Callum Ross, Dr Sarah Markham, Sheena Foster and Mat Kinton.

QNFMHS Webinar #2 – 21 May 2020

In this joint webinar from the Forensic and Prison Quality Networks, Dr Pratish Thakkar, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Dr Steve Barlow, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Clinical Director for the North East New Care Model, discuss the current situation in their prisons and secure hospital.

This includes the current guidance from NHS England and HMPPS about the transfer and remittance of prisoners.

QNFMHS Webinar #1 – 7 May 2020

In the first QNFMHS webinar, Helen Smith, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist and Nakul Talwar, Clinical Director for Secure Services (Devon Partnership NHS Trust) share their experiences and discuss COVID19 guidance into practice, with regards to keeping services safe during the current crisis. Helen and Nakul host an interactive session with Q&A opportunities throughout.

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