PLAN Standards

Download a copy of the 5th edition PLAN standards 2017 (pdf).

We write standards for liaison psychiatry services and review them regularly to keep them up-to-date. Our standards are based on the available literature and discussion with professionals, service users and carers.

As a PLAN member, we’ll review your team against our ‘core’ standards which describe what all liaison psychiatry teams are expected to do (regardless of size, model or function).

If you’re commissioned to provide other kinds of care too, we’ll also review you against other relevant domains:

  • Providing urgent and emergency mental health care
    Covering Accident & Emergency and people on general wards who need urgent mental health help.
  • Providing routine mental health care to adults & older adults
    Covering people on general wards who need non-urgent mental health help.
  • Providing psychological therapies
    This includes brief, time-limited or longer-term interventions.
  • Providing training to hospital colleagues
    This could include emergency department colleagues, ward staff and so on.


Quality Standards for Children and Young People for Liaison Psychiatry Services

The psychiatric liaison accreditation network is developing Quality Standards for Children and Young People for Liaison Psychiatry Services. As part of the process, we are piloting the standards to current members. 

What does the pilot involve?

We will ask you to review your service and its processes and score yourself as 'met' or 'not met' against each of the new 8 standards. We will also ask for comments on each standard. We will then use your feedback from the pilot to inform the implementation of the standards as a domain in the next edition of Quality Standards for Psychiatric Liaison Services.

The data collected from this process will not be used for any other purpose than to review the standards before their publication. This will not affect any accreditation decisions or the status that your team currently has.

If your team would like to participate in the pilot, please email the PLAN team

The pilot will run until 31 May 2019.

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