Partner studies 

In addition to its in-house research, the Royal College of Psychiatrists works on a number of collaborative research projects. We work with partner organisations in the academic, voluntary and public sectors to deliver research on the following areas.

  • Conflict in psychiatric wards. Partner organisation: Institute of Psychiatry.
  • Co-morbid antisocial behaviour and psychosis in adolescents. Partner organisation: Institute of Psychiatry. 
  • Family Partnership Model evaluation.  Partner organisation:  Institute of Psychiatry.
  • Carer involvement in outpatient consultations.  Partner organisation:  Rethink

List - Research and Evaluation: Partner Research

We’re helping Leeds University to evaluate liaison psychiatry in England, to identify what’s working well, what could be improved, and to highlight good practice in a range of care settings.

This research project is called Liaison Psychiatry: Measurement and Evaluation of Service Types and Referral Outcomes, or LP MAESTRO for short.

We’re helping Imperial College to identify which aspects of general hospitals are associated with better quality care and shorter length of stay for people with dementia 

This research project is called Optimising acute care for people with dementia: a mixed-methods study, or DemCARE for short.

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