Resources from the COVID-19 Mental Health Improvement Network

Here you'll find resources that have been shared on the COVID-19 Mental Health Improvement Network. The resources are available for anyone to use.

To join the network or for any questions about these resources, please email us at

You can use these resources to run activities with your patients.

  • Coping wheel template (Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust) – a template to create Coping Strategy Wheels which spin to show different positive coping skills.
  • Puzzle pack (South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust). 
  • COVID-19 Information Booklet (Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust) – an information booklet for patients.
  • How to Talk About COVID-19 (The Workshop) – a guide to help you to create narratives about COVID-19 that encourage a collective response and good decision-making.
  • Psychological First Aid Infographic (NHS Education for Scotland) – outlines key components for providing psychological first aid to those who are suffering or distressed and self-care tips.
  • SBAR tool (Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust) – assist staff with handovers to the medical team when dealing with a suspected COVID-19 case.
  • Measurement tips (COVID-19 Mental Health Improvement Network facilitators) – provides advice on how you can measure any changes you make to respond to COVID-19.

These resources were created to keep patients occupied during isolation.

  • Isolation pack (Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust) – this pack includes activities to support patients with their emotions and help them to keep in contact with their loved ones.
  • Self-isolation journal template (Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) – this template includes activity ideas, a planner and things to fill out related to self-care.
  • Personal journal and scrapbook (Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust) – this pack explains how patients can keep a journal or scrapbook and includes various questions for them to consider.
  • Support your wellbeing pack (Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust) – this pack includes strategies and techniques to help patients manage their wellbeing.
  • Coping with Stress: Advice for hospital staff during the COVID pandemic (COVID Trauma Response Working Group).
  • Daily wellness planner (Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust) – to help you organise and balance your day while looking after your mental health.
  • Going home checklist (Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust) – things to do as you finish work and go home.
  • How Are You Doing Team (East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust) – the team are asking 5 questions to generate supportive discussions in the Trust and have created resources to support staff such as this leaflet and poster.
  • Rainbow wall (Bolton NHS Foundation Trust) – this image explains how to create a rainbow wall to spread positivity and celebrate the great work and positive changes made by your team.
  • The King’s Fund Rapid Guidance Stress Response Infographic (based on COVID Trauma Response Working Group's rapid guidance) – responses to put in place to support staff to deal with COVID-19.
  • The How Are You Doing Team at East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust have produced a report on the initiatives they have undertaken to support staff responding to the pandemic. The report includes information on the ways staff have been supported, feedback from staff, the team's learning, and recommendations for the future.
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