Enjoying Work Collaborative

This exciting 12-month programme provided opportunities for a range of health care teams across the UK to use quality improvement techniques to help their staff connect to what brings them joy in their work and find ways to enhance their wellbeing.

38 teams from 16 healthcare organisations in England and Wales took part in this quality improvement (QI) programme in 2021-22 to understand and improve the experience, wellbeing and joy of staff. Each week the teams completed weekly surveys that asked their members three questions based on their experience of work in the past week. The results showed an improvement across the three outcome measures: 

  • A 51% improvement in the percentage of people who have enjoyed being at work frequently
  • A 41% improvement in the percentage of people who are experiencing no symptoms of burnout 
  • An 42% improvement in the percentage of people who are extremely likely to recommend their team as a place to work

These pages contain information and resources to help other organisations set up and run their own Enjoying Work Project.

Learning from the Enjoying Work Collaborative


Read further findings from the collaborative and ideas for change that can be adapted or replicated by clinical and non-clinical teams to improve their joy and wellbeing at work in 'Increasing joy in work in UK healthcare teams: a national quality improvement collaborative', published in the British Journal of Healthcare Management in June 2023.

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For any questions about the Enjoying Work Collaborative, please contact enjoyingwork@rcpsych.ac.uk.

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