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The participating teams in the Enjoying Work Collaborative attended six bi-monthly events called ‘learning sets’ between June 2021 and May 2022 to share their learning, successes and challenges.  

Below, you'll find resources from the learning sets, as well as other resources, templates and links. 

Launch Event Agenda

Launch Event Slides

Dr Amar Shah, National Improvement Lead for the Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme and Tom Ayers, Director of the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health, welcome the teams taking part in the Enjoying Work Quality Improvement Collaborative. The welcome included an overview of how teams will use quality improvement methodology to connect to what brings them joy in their work and find ways to enhance their wellbeing, and top tips on how teams can make the most of being on the collaborative.

Aileen Valydon and Marisa Bouman from the Community Mental Health Team, Isle of Dogs, East London NHS Foundation Trust, share their learning from undertaking a quality improvement project on increasing joy in work in their team. Aileen and Marisa shared really valuable insights and tips for undertaking this work, including how they overcame some of the challenges they faced at the start of their project and the importance of creating psychological safety to enable honesty within a team.

Learning Set 2 Agenda

Learning Set 2 Slides

Dr Amar Shah, National Improvement Lead for the Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme, provides an overview of the evidence base around enjoying work, including the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s white paper on improving joy in work.

Some of the NCCMH Quality Improvement Coaches speak with their teams to hear about one of their initial change ideas, including sharing messages of appreciation within a team, a weekly wellbeing hour, protected time for reflective thinking and a team step challenge. The postcards give an overview of how each team are planning to test and measure their change idea.

We invited everyone at the event to share something they had been inspired to take away and test next - here are all the ideas from the group in a change idea menu.

Learning Set 3 Agenda

Learning Set 3 Slides

During the learning set, we invited the group to tell us about positive changes arising from the project so far, and collated the answers here: positive changes so far.


Rapid cycles of testing:

QI Coaches discuss changes that some of their teams have implemented, using a Plan/Do/Study/Act model.

  1. Agnes Donoughue from the Quality & Commissioning team, Health Education England, talks to QI Coach Renata Souza about making a change to their Monday ‘huddle’ meetings, aimed at making these sessions more engaging and informal and allowing team members to be more open about their workload and priorities. 
  2. Catherine Jones from the Winchester CAMHS team, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust discussed their idea of creating a safe space for staff to debrief after having difficult conversations, and how this progressed with QI Coach Matt Milarski. 
  3. Mark Adams and Jessica Hill from the Long Term Neurological Conditions team, Sheffield Health & Social Care Trust, described their change idea of having ‘walking meetings’ with QI Coach Saiqa Akhtar.

Data: What does it mean? How can we get more? 

QI coaches Matt Milarski and Rosanna Bevan give an overview on the data from the collaborative so far – why we use it, what it tells us, and how we can collect data from more people so we have more reliable information.

A downloadable version of the Enjoying Work Collaborative survey is also available to download. 

We also invited everyone at the event to give us their top tips for data collection, these are the ideas from the group: Top tips and ideas for data collection. 


Learning Set 4 Agenda

Learning Set 4 Slides

Dr Navina Evans, Chief Executive at Health Education England shares her wisdom on the role of leadership in increasing joy in work and her vision for how the Enjoying Work Collaborative will affect retention, public health, and health inequalities.

Sian Rodger and Aileen Leonard from the London Spinal Cord Injury Centre at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust present their experiences and findings from their Enjoying Work Project, and how they overcome challenges on their project.

A question and answer session with Hannah Walker from the Chair & Chief Executive’s Office at Health Education England about their ‘Good Day Menu’ change idea.

Learning Set 5 Agenda (PDF)

Learning Set 5 Slides (PDF)

Dr Amar Shah, National Improvement Lead for Mental Health shares some interim findings of the Enjoying Work Collaborative’s increased enjoyment at work and reduced risk of burnout.


Hayley Shaw, Project Manager shares the Royal College of Psychiatrists Training and Workforce team’s experiences of their Enjoying Work project and the change ideas that the team tested.


Mark Adams, Operational Team Manager reflects on the Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust Long Term Neurological Conditions Service’s Enjoying Work project including their successes, challenges and change ideas.


Enjoying Work Collaborative Final Learning Set – Overview of results

Dr Amar Shah, National Improvement Lead for Mental Health shares the findings of the Enjoying Work Collaborative’s enjoyment at work, likeliness to recommend their team as a place to work and reduced risk of burnout.

Enjoying Work Collaborative – Compassionate Cultures for Compassionate Care, Professor Michael West

Professor Michael West CBE, Senior Visiting Fellow at the Kings Fund and Professor of Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University discusses compassionate leadership and shares his insights on how to achieve a compassionate culture in health and social care.

Enjoying Work Collaborative – Theory of change

Matt Milarski, QI Coach presents the Enjoying Work Collaborative’s Theory of Change and invites the collaborative to contribute any missing drivers that are key to achieving joy at work.

Enjoying Work Collaborative – Q&A with QI coaches

Dr Amar Shah, National Improvement Lead for Mental Health hosts a Q&A session with the Enjoying Work QI coaches to explore their insights and learning from the collaborative.

Celebrating achievements on the Enjoying Work Collaborative

As the 12-month Enjoying Work Collaborative drew to a close, we supported teams to reflect on their Enjoying Work quality improvement projects, including change ideas they had introduced to improve their joy in work and wellbeing, changes seen in their team, challenges faced in doing the work and how they plan to continue their project after the collaborative officially ends in May 2022.

We would like to congratulate all teams involved in the Enjoying Work Collaborative and hope this video gives an insight into the hard work and achievements of everyone involved!


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