Sexual Safety Collaborative Workshops

In the months without a learning set, we run optional virtual workshops to provide teams on the collaborative an opportunity to pose questions to the learning community, ask for advice, problem solve or delve deeper in to a particular topic.

Here you can access resources and recordings from previous workshops.

How to talk about sexual safety on a mental health inpatient ward

Sal Smith

I am currently the trauma-informed approaches locality lead for Durham and Darlington in TEWV foundation trust. Having worked previously as an Expert by Experience, I am really passionate about the voice of lived experience driving much needed changes in mental health services. Trying my best to be kind to myself and others (she/her).


Rachel Luby

Mental health nurse, survivor, service user. Working in East London Foundation Trust with experience in PICU, forensic, crisis services. Passionate about sexual health, sexual safety and empowering others. Believing in the beauty of my dreams.

SSC Workshop 3 - Agenda

SSC Workshop 3 - Slides

Louise Gill, Acting Head of Clinical Service, at Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust shared how the Trust have benchmarked themselves against the national sexual safety standards. The template Louise created and refers to is available to download here (Excel).

SSC Workshop 4 Agenda

SSC Workshop 4 Slides

Clinical Psychologist, Joao Botas, on Phoenix Unit at South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust shares how the unit are using their reflective practice group to discuss how they can best support patients with their sexual safety.

SSC Workshop 5 - Agenda

Presentation 1 – Alt Ward, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Alt Ward share their learning on reporting sexual safety incidents and how their Trust has made changes to their Datix system to include the Collaborative’s operational definitions of sexual safety. In this setting, the programme has helped create additional focus around the impact of sexual safety incidents on staff and patients, as well as the person involved in the behaviour. In their experience, keeping these issues on the agenda is vital to continuing the work and embedding it into future ways of working.

SSC Workshop 5 – Alt Ward Slides

Presentation 2 - Dragonfly Unit, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Dragonfly Unit – a Tier 4 CAMHS mixed ward - provided an overview of their sexual safety project from a CAMHS perspective, including sharing change ideas they have tested. Some of the initiatives at Dragonfly include:  

SSC Workshop 6 - Agenda

Updating our Theory of Change

Kate Lorrimer, Quality Improvement Coach at the NCCMH, discusses how the original driver diagram for the sexual safety work might have changed now that the collaborative is coming to its end. Participating teams also shared meaningful changes they have tested in their areas. 


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