RCPsychiS Legislative Oversight Forum (LOF)

The College welcomes and fully supports efforts to review and reform the legislation in Scotland that will make improvements to mental health and incapacity law.

The LOF meets on a monthly basis to discuss current and proposed Holyrood Bills that could impact the practice of psychiatry in Scotland.

Below is a list of work, ongoing and previous, that the LOF has engaged in.

The Legislative Oversight Forum is currently considering the proposed Bankruptcy and Diligence (Scotland) Bill and Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill.

Most recently, the LOF has submitted responses to the Scottish Government’s Learning Disabilities, Autism and Neurodivergence Bill, and the Ending Conversion Practices in Scotland consultations.

You can view or download these responses via our dedicated consultations page.

The Legislative Oversight Forum was established in 2020 following a decree by Scotland Devolved Council.

The LOF is a gathering of highly experienced and knowledgeable psychiatrists who have daily experience of applying mental health incapacity and safe-guarding laws when providing care and treatment. It seeks to provide a point of reference within and outwith the College on the major legislative and legal changes being considered across mental health.

If you are interested in joining the LOF, please contact scotland@rcpsych.ac.uk  


Roger Smyth (Chair)Liaison
Amal Al SayeghGeneral Adult
Aileen BlowerCAMHS
Jo BrownForensic
Kevin BrownCAMHS
Amanda CottonManagerial / General Adult
Arun Chopra    Mental Welfare Commission
John Crichton  Forensic
Philip CrocketPsychotherapy / Eating Disorders
Adam Daly  Managerial / Older Adult
David FindlayOlder Adult
Jude Halford Liaison
Brooke Marron  Trainee
Jane MorrisChair, RCPsychiS / Eating Disorders
Prakash ShankarLiaison
Jana de Villiers   ID / Forensic
Andrew Watson Managerial / General Adult / Rehabilitation
Margaret White  ID
Tony Zigmond  Outwith Scotland
Laura HudsonRCPsych National Manager, Scotland 
Hew EdgarRCPsych Policy and Campaigns Advisor, Scotland

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