General Adult

Welcome to the General Adult Faculty in Scotland which has over 700 psychiatrists throughout Scotland.


If you're a General Adult Psychiatrist and would like any issues raised, do feel free to contact the current Chair or Vice Chair.

Chair: Chris Pell

Vice Chairs: Amy McAskill / Seonaid McCallum

RCPsychiS Office Contact: Susan Richardson

About the General Adult Faculty in Scotland

The Scottish General Adult Faculty executive committee meets on a roughly 3 monthly basis to discuss the issues affecting members working in in-patient and community settings across the country. In recent months this has included:

  • Emergency Legislation brought in around Coronavirus
  • The Scottish Mental Health Law Review
  • Working arrangements and workload trends during COVID-19
  • Recruitment and retention

Faculty reps have worked with the College Press Officer and produced articles for national newspaper and radio and worked with national charities to produce blog posts during the pandemic.

Membership of the faculty is open to consultants, SAS doctors, and higher trainees in General Adult Psychiatry; and Core Trainees, Foundation Doctors and Medical Students are encouraged to participate in and attend our annual conferences.

We are keen to recruit new members to the Executive Committee, and would ideally like to have local representatives from each of the main regions of Scotland. If you are interested in attending the meetings on a regular basis, then please contact us. At the moment we would seek to co-opt interested members with a view to holding a formal round of elections in 2021.

Faculty Update

Coronavirus has put paid to our plans to hold a 1 day conference and AGM in May, as well as for a rejigged version of this in November. We are planning to hold a digital event in the early part of next year which will pick up experiences and learning from the pandemic and seek to answer questions around “Shaping the Future: Psychiatry in the New Normal.” If you have suggestions for speakers or topics that you would like to hear about within this, please let us know.

In the background we have been busy making submissions on the review of the Scottish Mental Health Act, the Higher Training Curriculum, Smoking Cessation, as well as feeding into the Devolved Council and Specialty Training and Recruitment Group, and maintaining links with the UK GAP Faculty.


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