Psychological therapies

Our priorities

'We call on the next Welsh Government to ensure parity between Physical and Mental Health Services.'

We would like:

  • the Welsh Government to work to establish the availability of psychological therapies in child, adult and learning disability services across Wales
  • to help facilitate the introduction of a system which increases access to psychological therapies for all
  • to understand the consistency of service provision in primary care mental health and learning disability services as a starting point to establishing a mental health and learning disability service that works for patients regardless of where they live
  • for the Welsh Government to map the current available options for social prescribing in different areas of Wales, and undertake work to ensure that medical professionals, including GPs understand the options that are available
  • to undertake work to understand the prescribing behaviours in GPs, particularly for children and young people in view of discouraging the inappropriate prescription of anti-depressants.



The College has also identified a number of projects and ideas that we would like the Welsh Government to consider in the context of mental health, as well as including here some recommendations as to how the Welsh Government could apply them.

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