Foundational economy


The Foundational Economy concept, and its pilot projects, is an initiative being driven by the Welsh Government to direct public expenditure towards local businesses which have a stake in their community.

We would like:

  • to work with the Future Generations Commissioner to enhance the ‘art of the possible’ in relation to mental health and learning disability, and consider how public bodies can lead the way in reducing poor mental health
  • the Welsh Government to attach a condition to all public funding paid to private businesses, as well as any businesses subcontracted by those organisations, that they must demonstrate a commitment to ‘art of the possible’ recommendations
  • to see the Welsh Government create a series of outcome measures with equal weight to GDP that measures the success of pilot projects holistically for their impact upon our communities.



The College has also identified a number of projects and ideas that we would like the Welsh Government to consider in the context of mental health, as well as including here some recommendations as to how the Welsh Government could apply them.

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