Research workforce

'We call on the next Welsh Government to ensure parity between Physical and Mental Health Services.'

We would like:
Wales has built a proud reputation for mental health research, but with Brexit and COVID-19 threatening international recruitment there needs to be sufficient training opportunities in Wales. Academic psychiatrists lead research portfolios to improve the understanding, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental disorders. Currently the WCAT offers a maximum of 4 training places to candidates from all healthcare specialisms. This should be increased to support academic psychiatry in Wales. 
College Report 207 recommends that Consultants should play a key role in leading research and innovation for patient benefit, generating new evidence and facilitating the application of evidence to clinical practice. For this they need academic support and leadership but also need to be able to set aside protected time away from their clinical duties to be able to conduct research. 



The College has also identified a number of projects and ideas that we would like the Welsh Government to consider in the context of mental health, as well as including here some recommendations as to how the Welsh Government could apply them.

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