Research funding

'We call on the next Welsh Government to ensure parity between Physical and Mental Health Services.'

We would like:
As we approach the end of the Brexit transition period, it will be important to ensure that research in Wales is as competitive as ever. Health and Care Research Wales spends equivalent to £3.04 per capita on Research in Wales, whereas the National Institute for Health Research (the equivalent body in England) spends £4.08. This means that conducting research in England allows you access to significantly more public funds than it does in Wales. With withdrawal from the EU also meaning withdrawal from EU research funding, it is more important than ever to support ambitious academics in Wales fund their research projects to prevent them moving away. 
The previous Health and Care Research Wales Strategic plan covered the period 2015-2020. In 2018, they published the review “Health and Care Research Wales 2020 and beyond” in anticipation of publishing their 2020-2025 strategic plan. This plan hasn’t yet been published, and we would like to work with HCRW to help clinicians and academic psychiatrists feed into their strategic planning to ensure that the specialism, which has developed an outstanding reputation for research in Wales, continues to be supported towards 2025. 



The College has also identified a number of projects and ideas that we would like the Welsh Government to consider in the context of mental health, as well as including here some recommendations as to how the Welsh Government could apply them.

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