Northern & Yorkshire Competitions

Autumn Conference Poster Competition 2023

Each year the Northern and Yorkshire Division runs a poster competition for Medical Students, Foundation Doctors, Trainees and SAS Doctors at either the Spring or Autumn Conference.

There are 3 winning categories which include Best Medical Student/FY1 Poster, Best FY2/Trainee Poster and Best SAS Doctor Poster. Each winner will receive a £100 prize and a certificate of merit.

This year the competitions will be held during the Northern and Yorkshire Autumn Conference.

Entries for the competition are now open.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 28 July 2023.

To enter this competition, please complete the below abstract form using the guidance form provided and ensure you include the correct grade when completing it. Once you have completed your abstract form please proof read it and ensure the word count does not exceed 250 words.

Once you are sure all information is correct please email your abstract form here Submit you abstract

Our staff team will confirm receipt of your abstract and provide you with further information and timelines for the competitions.

Deadline for Applications: Friday 28 July 2023

To enter this competition you must be based in the Northern and Yorkshire Division which covers the following regions:

  • North East of England
  • North Yorkshire
  • East Yorkshire
  • West Yorkshire

Please note: If you are based in South Yorkshire we will not accept your entry as you are part of the Trent Division.

You must be available to attend the Autumn Conference, at Holiday Inn Scotch Corner on Friday 15 September 2023.

You must enter your correct and current grade on the abstract form and the work must be completed while based in the Northern and Yorkshire Division.

Abstracts over 250 words will be returned to your for correction. If they are not returned by the competition closing date they will not be accepted.

Any entries submitted after the deadline of Friday 28 July 2023 will not be accepted.

There are three categories in this poster competition which include:

  • Best Medical Student/FY1 Poster
  • Best FY2/Trainee Poster
  • Best SAS Doctor Poster

There will be £100 prize money per category awarded as well as a certificate of merit for the best poster presentation.

Prizes will be presented to winners on the day of the Conference after the lunch break.

You will be contacted after the event with information on payment of the prize fund.

We are pleased to be hosting the 2023 Northern and Yorkshire Autumn Conference.

Our Autumn Conference will be held at Holiday Inn, Scotch Corner on Friday 15 September 2023.

Posters will be displayed during the conference, with entrants available to answer any questions.

Assessors will be members of the Executive Committee. Entrants will be told the result of the competition after the lunch break.

If you have any questions regarding your abstract, the competitions or the conference please get in touch with the Division Events team.


Telephone: 0208 618 4196

Poster Competition Winners Autumn 2022


In 2022 the competitions were held at our Autumn Conference 2022 at York Racecourse, York. The 2022 Winner were:

  • Best Medical Student/FY1 Poster 2022 – Felicity Allman
  • Best FY2/Trainee Poster 2022 – Dr Anna Taylor & Dr Daniel Romeu
  • Best SAS Doctor Poster 2022 – Dr Jennifer Gilligan

Congratulations to the winners of each category, abstract entries for the competition can be viewed here.

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