Competing interests

All speakers at College meetings are asked to declare any competing interests (otherwise known as conflicts of interest) that they might have relating to their presentations.

Presenters must declare any relevant interests relating to the previous 36 months and the next 12 months from the date of their presentation.

The speakers involved in this event have no competing interests to declare.

Professor Raja Mukherjee OBE: Has previously received funds for research and a fee for speaking at a symposium, neither of which will benefit from his presentation.

Dr Jo Rodda: TBC

Professor Rob Howard: TBC

Dr Graham Campbell: Has previously received fees for Consultancy, sponsorship for attending a meeting and was previously employed by Small Pharma Ltd until December 2022, who may be seen to benefit from his presentation. 

Dr Mohamed Abdelghani: TBC

Dr Jeremy Isaacs: TBC

Professor Subodh Dave: This speaker does not have any competing interests to declare.

If you have any queries please contact the Division Events Team
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