Retired and resting psychiatrists

This page is for doctors who have retired, those approaching retirement and resting psychiatrists.

Dr Angela Rouncefield and Dr Paul Divall represent Retired Doctors on the South West Division Executive Committee. Contact can be made by forwarding an email to

Peer groups

To help colleagues find a suitable peer group, if you have space in yours it would be very helpful if you could let Dr Rouncefield and Dr Divall know via the South West Division so that they can put retired working doctors in touch with you.

For those doctors who are not in a peer group and would like to be put in touch with one, please forward your details to Dr Rouncefield and Dr Divall, again via the South West Division ( and they will try to put you in touch with a group.

Event programme

The South West Division hosts two full day CPD events per year, specifically to meet the needs of retired and resting psychiatrists. Our next event which is planned for 12 October, will include the launch of the Retired Doctors Package and we are currently planning our 2022 programme.

We are aware that retired doctors can feel isolated and bewildered by the prospect of revalidation. To give guidance and assist in the further careers of retired doctors, Dr Rouncefield and Dr Divall welcome you to these events which are open to any psychiatrists who has retired for their substantive NHS post, or indeed are considering retirement.

The topics reflect the mainstream needs of psychiatrists and a short update on revalidation. The event is also an excellent way to network with colleagues past and present, to hear member experiences and share good and practical advice.

SWDT are always willing to consider any events that are relevant to this group. If you have an idea for a suitable topic, or would like to lead one of these events, Dr Rouncefield and Dr Divall would like to hear from you and can be contacted via the South West Division.

Retired doctors package

The South West Division Retired Doctors Working Group, led by Dr Richard Laugharne, are currently developing a practical package for doctors who have retired, are at the point of retirement or are considering retirement. The package will include helpful information for clinicians, both those who wish to continue working and those who do not. The package is due to be launched at our next event on 12 October.

Get in contact to receive further information regarding a career in psychiatry