Tackling racism in the workplace

Two NHS trusts and a private mental health organisation have signed up to the College’s 15 actions set out in Tackling racism in the workplace and others are set to follow.

Last week Dr Amrit Sachar, one of the College’s Presidential Race and Equality Leads spoke to staff at another Mental Health NHS Trust about the guidance and the associated Act Against Racism campaign, while medical directors and leaders at other trusts have been in contact with the College to express their support.

And this month emails are going out to leaders of NHS Trusts and private organisations, drawing their attention to the campaign, the 15 actions, and how they can make a real difference strategically and help you change the culture in your organisation.

The Act Against Racism campaign and the corresponding Tackling Racism in the Workplace guidance was launched last month at the College’s International Congress event in Liverpool, when then President Dr Adrian James spoke about it in his valedictory speech.

Publicity followed, with over 250 mentions about the speech and campaign in newspapers, online news sites, radio and television. Most national newspapers covered the story - The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, Independent, Metro (UK), Daily Mail, The Mirror and Daily Express – as well as STV News, Talk TV and LBC Radio which devoted an hour to discuss racism experienced by NHS staff.

Meanwhile thousands visited the College’s Act Against Racism hub, viewed the guidance, actions and case studies, and downloaded the guidance to their devices.

The College’s President, Dr Lade Smith CBE, said:

“The guidance can help organisations to tackle racism in the workplace at a strategic and a systemic level. It can make a real difference to the culture within organisations and help improve the working lives of thousands of psychiatrists and others working in mental health.

“Members can help our campaign to encourage employers to Act Against Racism, using the links below.”

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