HoNOS for People with Intellectual Disability (HoNOS-ID)

The Health of the Nation Outcome Scales for People with Learning Disabilities (HoNOS-LD) has been used widely for 20 years, but like other original versions of the HoNOS family, has not been updated to reflect contemporary clinical practice.

As well as its use in UK services, New Zealand have mandated the HoNOS-LD for routine monitoring and outcome measurement across their intellectual disability services at a national level.

Following the review of the HoNOS and HoNOS65+, the Royal College of Psychiatrists convened an advisory board with membership from the UK and New Zealand.

The board consisted of multi-disciplinary professionals with expertise in working with people with intellectual disabilities and its aim was to propose amendments to the HoNOS-LD.

Views and experience from the countries involved were used to produce a series of amendments intended to improve intra- and interrater reliability and improve validity, rather than a more radical revision.

This update is called HoNOS-ID to reflect the changing nature of the population and services provided to meet their needs. 

The published article about the review and a copy of the revised tool can be accessed in our HoNOS section.

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