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Public mental health (PMH) is present in every aspect of our lives.

Take a look at our July blog post 'Unlocking the language of public mental health: About the PMHIC’s new A–Z Glossary', in which Dr Peter Byrne, Joint Clinical and Strategic Director of the PMHIC, talks about the newly published resource an A to Z of PMH, which explains terms that people may be less familiar with, and many more that demonstrate the reach of PMH.

Parliamentary Roundtable

A ‘Future of Public Mental Health’ Parliamentary Roundtable event was held at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 7 June 2023 to celebrate one year since the launch of the PMHIC and to discuss the future of public mental health.

The event was chaired by Dean Russell MP (Co-Chair APPG on Mental Health) and attended by 16 key stakeholders including parliamentarians, experts by experience, clinicians, as well as representatives from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and PMHIC.

The key points discussed during the roundtable included:

  1. Case for public mental health
  2. Importance of the public mental health workforce
  3. Economic impact of the public mental health implementation gap and funding
  4. Prevention in mental health
  5. Vulnerable groups and interconnectedness
  6. Community engagement and support

The roundtable discussion closed with reflections on the urgent need for resource allocation (funding and workforce) to support effective population scale implementation in order to achieve parity of esteem in mental health.

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