Previous New Members' Ceremonies

Find out about our previous New Members' Ceremonies and see a selection of photos of our new Members.

Previous ceremonies

A total of 175 Members were welcomed in March 2023, 93 on 9 March, and 82 on 22 March.

Members travelled from across the UK to attend the ceremonies, as well as from Bangladesh, Brunei, Egypt, India, Ireland, Jordan, Malaysia, Malta, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.

Members at these ceremonies passed their MRCPsych exams in late 2022 or earlier.

These ceremonies were the last ones presided over by Dr Adrian James as President before his term of office ended in July 2023.

Ceremonies in January 2023 were held for those members whose ceremonies were postponed in 2021 due to the pandemic. 

61 new Members were presented on 12 January, and 89 on 26 January. Attendees brought along their friends and family to the ceremonies and travelled from across the UK and the world.

Attendees heard speeches from the College Officer team and the Chair of the Psychiatric Trainees' Committee.

Our ceremonies on 26 October and 8 December were held for those new Members who's ceremonies were unfortunately postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic.

We welcomed 36 Members in October and 50 in December, along with their family members and friends.

Attendees heard speeches from the College Officers and Chair of the PTC before networking with colleagues during the afternoon tea reception.

74 new members celebrated joining the College on 6 October, and 78 on 13 October 2022. Members travelled from  across the UK, as well as from Ireland, Oman, India, Mauritius, Malaysia, and Australia.

The new members – who all passed our CASC exam in early 2022 - were given a warm welcome by senior members of the College including the Dean (Professor Subodh Dave), Registrar (Dr Trudi Seneviratne), Treasurer (Professor John Crichton) and President (Dr Adrian James).

Dr James highlighted the fact that these new members have helped expand College membership to over 20,000 members.

New members also heard from the Chair of the Psychiatric Trainees Committee, Dr Chris Walsh, who shared details of his own career journey.

In March 2022 we held our first in-person New Members' Ceremony since October 2019, following the covid-19 pandemic. We held an online ceremony on 9 March for those unable to travel to London and a face-to-face ceremony on 17 March.

75 Members were welcomed at the online ceremony. At the face-to-face ceremony we presented 96 Members, who'd travelled from across the UK and abroad.

Members attending these two ceremonies passed their MRCPsych exams in late 2021.

These were the first ceremonies presided over by Dr Adrian James as President, Dr Trudi Seneviratne as Registrar, Professor Subodh Dave as Dean, and Professor John Crichton as Treasurer.  Dr Rosemary Gordon also addressed attendees as Chair of the Psychiatric Trainees' Committee.

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