Championing autism

This programme began in October 2016 led by Dr Ian Davidson and a Steering Group. Its aims were to:

  • audit the autism continuing professional development (CPD) needs of all psychiatrists in practice in England;
  • update and scale up the existing CPD autism training programme to meet identified CPD needs;
  • develop and implement models of best practice in support and selective referral to local specialist autism teams and
  • develop and implement a patient (individual) level best practice commissioning manual for joint working with health (NHS England) and local NHS social care commissioners.

and to produce outcomes that include:

  • timely ASD diagnosis and appropriate services to refer to;
  • autism friendly mental health services;
  • reduced stress and anxiety – not only for those with ASD, but also for families, carers, social workers, GPs and psychiatrists;
  • improved health outcomes with equitable access to the NHS;
  • a reduction in wasted resources by earlier recognition and less crisis management.

The Steering Group

Terry Brugha (Chair), Tom Berney (SIG Chair), Peter Carpenter (SIG Finance Officer), Ian Davidson (Autism Champion), Ian Hall (Chair of CALC), Bernard Hart (Users & Carers Group) Ashok Roy (Chair of ID Faculty).

Council received a report on the 14th July and, accepting it, agreed its recommendations. Championing Autism is to run for a further three years as part of the Autism workstream of the Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry SIG.

Twitter: @PsychAutismCham

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