About us

The group aims to support and advocate for the interests and needs of private and independent psychiatrists within the College. 

Executive Committee

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Mona Freeman 2022 (C) Chair
Dr Jonathan Hellewell 2020 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Daniel Allen 2017 (C) Committee Member
Dr Edward Burns 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Richard Driscoll 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Rachel Gibbons 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Iain Grant 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Shirine Pezeshgi 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Simmi Sachdeva-Mohan 2022 (C) Committee Member
Dr Monica Shaha 2019 (C) Committee Member

The private and independent practice special interest group (PIPSIG) was formed in the 1990s and membership is increasing as more psychiatrists opt for portfolio careers. Members from other Specialities and Faculties of the College are welcome if they work to any extent outside the NHS. 

The group aims to support and advocate for the interests and needs of private and independent psychiatrists within the College. 

The group includes those in private practice, retired working psychiatrists, medico-legal and Mental Health Act work and doctors visiting and working in independent hospitals and clinics.

The group's concerns have been that those working outside the NHS have, in the past, not been connected with College affairs. Current challenges include the requirements of relicensing and revalidation (including appraisal and 360 degree feedback), maintaining skills required for independent psychiatric practice and liaising with other College activities.

Previous annual reports can be viewed on the website and show the range of activities that PIPSIG covers.

Upcoming events

  • 24 April 2023, Drop-in: Open agenda
  • 9 May 2023, Drop-in: Open agenda
  • 7 June 2023, Drop-in: Medicolegal drop-in
  • 30 June 2023, 'PIPSIG drop-ins - the best bits!' A remote conference on Friday 30 June 2022 – visit the event page for more details and to book.
  • 18 July 2023, Drop-in: Open agenda

Past events

  • 8 March 2023, Drop-in: Generic drop-in
  • 8 February 2023, Drop-in: Generic drop-in
  • 11 January 2023, Drop-in: Thinking about leaving the NHS? / CQC...your questions answered! 
  • 6 December 2022, Drop-in: Generic drop-in
  • 9 November 2022, Drop-in: CAMHS specific drop-in 
  • 11 October 2022, Drop-in: Generic drop-in
  • 13 September, Drop in: Medico-legal work
  • 3 August 2022, Drop in: Starting out in independent practice 
  • 6 July 2022, Drop in: Work life balance for the self employed
  • 7 June 2022, Drop-in session
  • 2 February 2022, Drop-In session facilitated by Lesley and Shirin; focus on child psychiatry
  • 5 January 2022, Drop-In session  facilitated by Rick and Lesley; focus on medicolegal practice
  • 15 December 2021, PIPSIG Conference for Those Starting Out in Independent Practice. Please see the programme for further information.
  • 08 December 2021, Drop-In session facilitated by Mona and Rick; focus on CQC, practising privileges and negotiating with Private Health Insurers
  • 3 November 2021, Drop-In session facilitated by Rachel Gibbons and Monica Shaha; focus on prescribing issues
  • 5 October 2021: Drop-in session facilitated by Rachel Gibbons and Lesley Haines; focus on revalidation and appraisal 
  • 14 September 2021: Drop-in session facilitated by Jonathan Hellewell and Rachel Gibbons; focus on leaving the NHS 
  • 12 August 2021: Drop-in session facilitated by Lesley Haines & Jonathan Hellewell; focus on medicolegal reports 
  • Telepsychiatry after COVID Conference on Zoom on Thursday 22 July
  • PIPSIG Starting Out in Independent Practice Conference. Virtual event over Zoom on 16 December. Please see the programme for further information
  • Starting Out in Independent Practice event on 19 December 2019 at Royal College of Psychiatrists. Please see the programme for further information
  • PIPSIG Annual Conference - 'Since you've been gone…'. Developments in psychiatry over the last 10 years, for those who have been outside mainstream NHS practice on Friday 12 July 2019 at Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Annual meeting in Belfast, at Royal Ulster Club 20 and 21 September 2018 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; what the legal profession wants from us'
  • Joint Occupational Health SIG and PIPSIG at College HQ on 1 March 2018 'Working with Mental Illness'.

Important documents to help regulate your practice:

PIPSIG Drop-in sessions

When COVID hit, the PIPSIG exec responded by commencing monthly drop-in sessions. The aim is to allow doctors who may be working in isolation the chance to discuss the difficulties they have encountered and potential solutions with their peers.

Each session lasts an hour and is facilitated by two members of the PIPSIG exec. In response to comments, the sessions were moved onto a rota encompassing morning, afternoon and evening slots. Weekend slots had not been welcomed.

All PIPSIG members are e-mailed with the dates of the meetings for several months in advance to allow them to sign up. The sessions are limited to 30 participants each time.  Zoom meeting details are only given to those who register to prevent ‘Zoom-bombing’ and improve confidentiality. If you have any queries about the drop-ins please contact sigs@rcpsych.ac.uk.

View a survey of the first 12 months of the drop-in sessions.

PIPSIG on Twitter

PIPSIG is on Twitter! Details of forthcoming events, consultations that might concern PIPSIG members and items of interest are posted. Please follow @RCPsychPIPSIG.

Starting out in independent practice

The PSS have published advice about starting out in independent practice. This is a summary of the points raised during the PIPSIG 'starting out in independent practice' days.

Please bear in mind that it is a summary of the points that delegates struggled with - the information is not meant to be exhaustive.


The PIPSIG telepsychiatry guidance has been incorporated into and superseded by the College guidance on digital communications during the COVID restrictions.

GMC guidance


Should you require a copy of any previous bulletins not currently available on the website, please contact Francis Maunze – the College Archivist.

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