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Culture is an important aspect of psychiatry. Understanding culture is key in engagement, assessment, treatment,  recovery; and also in the educational and training aspects of psychiatry.

The transcultural psychiatry special interest group includes clinicians near and far who want to improve mental health for people from all cultures across the globe. 

As a group we learn and shared the expertise and experiences of transcultural psychiatry across countries. We want to make sure clinicians develop an understanding of patients’ and families cultures to help in their care and treatment. 

We have an annual conference, many networking events and contribute to the college in development of relevant policies and also for education and training. 

We have the following objectives:

  • Help in training on cultural sensitivity and cultural competence
  • Develop expertise in engagement, assessment and treatment of patients for mental health problems in UK and globally
  • Look at ways to use the strengths of diverse workforce to help patient care and also help  and support staff 
  • Working with other faculties and special interest groups to develop and implement culture sensitive interventions
  • Do all we can to reduce inequalities
  • Help to collate interventions that work across cultures
  • Link up with the transcultural psychiatry groups in other International psychiatry organisations, and national organisations 
  • Link with diaspora groups
  • Link with International team 
  • Link with universities and collaborate on research projects – we already have some interest in this area from academics in different universities

We would love to have you join our group and share with us your expertise and ideas.

We are also very keen to collaborate with other SIGs.

Please email sigs@rcpsych.ac.uk to sign up and find our more.

Fabida Aria - Karl Redshaw Photography
Dr Fabida Aria, Chair
Name Role
Dr Fabida Aria Chair
Dr Praveen Kumar Financial Officer
Dr Ayesha Ahmad Committee member
Professor Arabinda Chowdhury Committee member
Dr Bhavana Chawda Committee member
Dr Damodar Chari Committee member
Dr Shajahan Ismail Committee member
Dr Tomos Geraint Jones Committee member
Dr Emmeline Lagunes-Cordoba Committee member
Dr Hasannen Al-Taiar Committee member
Dr Shahid Latif Committee member
Dr Rahat Ghafoor Committee member
Dr Ruairidh McKay Committee member
Dr Saadia Alvi Committee member
Dr Saadia Muzaffar Committee member
Professor Santosh Chaturvedi Committee member
Dr Santosh Mudholkar Committee member
Dr Suraju Adeyemo Committee member
Dr Saima Niaz Committee member
Dr Anis Ahmed Committee member
Dr Sarwat NaurozeCommittee member
Dr Salim Al-Huseini
Committee member
Dr Rajeev KrishnadasCommittee member

Membership is open to all Members of or Associates of the College.

Others may be invited to join at the discretion of the Chair.

To join, please complete our online application form or email the College.

Contact us

If you have any enquiries about the TSIG please contact sigs@rcpsych.ac.uk.

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