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MemberYear of joiningPosition
Dr Fabida Aria2021Chair
Dr Sarwat Nowrose2016Finance Officer
Dr Imran Malik2016Committee Member
Dr Hasanen Al- Taiar2016Committee Member
Amer Mukhtar Committee Member
Dr Ayesha Ahmad
Committee Member
Dr Bhanu Chadalavada2017Committee Member
Donna Arya Committee Member
Dr Emmeline Cordoba Committee Member
Dr Fabida Naushad2017Committee Member
Dr Fatumo Abdi Public Health Representative
Noor Asif Trainee Doctor Representative
Rahat Ghafoor Committee Member
Oana Ciobanasu Committee Member
Santosh Marodhkar
Committee Member
Suraju Adeyemo MTI doctor representative
Yasir Abbasi Overseas doctor representative
Saadia Alvi Committee Member
Aamer Malik Committee Member
Aamer Sajjad Committee Member

The WACP is an independently incorporated, non-profit, international scientific and educational organization.

The main purpose of WACP is to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge, research initiatives and clinical experiences in the field of cultural psychiatry worldwide. Many national organizations of cultural psychiatry from different regions of the world, including our own Interest Group, are currently affiliated with the Association.

For more details about the WACP, as well as membership information, please visit the Association’s website.

The Second World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry took place in Orvieto, Italy, 26 - 29 2009.

Membership is open to all Members of or Associates of the College.

Others may be invited to join at the discretion of the Chair.

To join, please complete our online application form or email the College Membership section.

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