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Liaison psychiatry trainees, new consultants, nurses and allied health professionals Annual Conference 2024

Date: Friday 1 November 2024

Location: Online

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In 2016 in partnership with Health Education England we ran a pilot to develop a credential in Liaison Psychiatry. The pilot was aimed at consultants who already have a CCT in General or Old Age psychiatry (or equivalent) who wish to work in a liaison psychiatry service as a Liaison psychiatrist. The aim was to establish what a post CCT credential could look like, and the cost and feasibility of participating.

Currently, formal training in Liaison Psychiatry is only offered as part of higher specialist training leading to an endorsement. A recognised training route is needed for consultants working (or expected to work) in this area, who do not hold an endorsement in liaison psychiatry to meet the service demands.

The pilot is now complete and we are moving through the GMC's Early Adopter process. If you are interested in the outcome or would like to be kept informed of any future opportunities please complete our online form.

Visit the College's credentialing webpage for the latest information, including the early adopter process with the GMC.

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Thanks to Dr Alex Thomson and Dr Shammi Shetty for collating and categorising the resources below. We are grateful to Liaison Psychiatry colleagues for their willingness to share their resources with Faculty members.

Advice for Workers

Psychological Impact of workers in China

Lancet article on Chinese Experience

Summary of article – Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Psychological Considerations for HCW during pandemic

Extreme Stressors

Moral Injury



Preparation and Planning Guidance for HCW during Pandemic

Stages of planning for COVID-19 summary

Planning and Preparedness Guidance for services

Planning and Preparedness Guidance infographic

Phases of COVID-19 crisis and expected needs, recommendations and possible role of psychology

Mental Health Advice for HCW during COVID-19

Ealing COVID Wellbeing Poster

Ealing Staff Wellbeing Huddles

Advice for Healthcare Staff

Advice for HCW and patients

MHPSS COVID-19 Briefing

WHO Mental Health COVID-19 Guidance

Advice for Patients

COVID-19 Anxiety Leaflet – Oncology Service

COVID-19 Anxiety - Australian

COVID-19 Anxiety - European

Resilience through the pandemic

COVID-19 Mental Health Summary Advice

Clinicians Tools for Assessment and Treatment of Patients

Breaking Bad News during the Pandemic

RNOH Having Difficult Conversations

Contacting relatives to communicate death

How to tell children someone has died

MH Triage and Assessment Frameworks

Mental Health Triage

Mood-Anxiety Assessment

Suicide Risk Assessment

Mental Health Screening Tool

Prescribing Guidance

Evidence for PTSD Prescribing

PTSD Prescribing Algorithm

BMJ Rapid Response: Potential Risk of COVID-19 in Clozapine Treated Patients. Re: COVID-19: outbreak could last until spring 2021 and see 7.9 million hospitalised in the UK

Delirium and COVID-19

Delirium COVID- 19 Drug Interactions

RNOH Delirium during COVID-19

Management tips for Suspected Delirium in patients with COVID-19

MH Legal Framework during COVID-19

Summary of Legal Framework during COVID-19

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