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Executive committee

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Michael Dilley 2020 (E) Chair
Dr Czarina Kirk 2022 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Rachel Thomasson 2022 (E) Financial Officer
Dr George El-Nimr 2020 (E) Academic Secretary
Dr Niruj Agrawal 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Manjinder Bagary 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jacob Bird 2022 (E) Committee Member
Dr Graham Blackman 2022 (C) Higher Trainee Representative
Dr Harry Costello 2022 (C) Higher Trainee Representative
Prof. Anthony David 2022 (C) Committee Member
Dr Quinton Deeley 2022 (C) Committee Member
Dr Hesham Elnazer 2022 (E) Committee Member
Dr Janet Grace 2020 (E) Committee Member
Prof. Eileen Joyce 2023 (C) SAC Chair
Dr Agnes Kamau 2023 (C) SAS Doctor Representative
Dr Ashley Liew 2021 (C) Committee Member
Dr Ruaidhri McCormack 2022 (E) Committee Member
Dr Seth Mensah 2018 (C) Wales
Dr Ana Miorelli 2022 (E) Committee Member
Dr David Okai 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Maria Oto Llorens 2022 (C) Committee Member
Dr Parashar Ramanuj 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Hugh Selsick 2018 (C) Committee Member
Dr Baskaran Sridharan 2022 (E) Committee Member
Dr Christopher Symeon 2022 (E) Committee Member
Dr Peter Trimble 2014 (C) Northern Ireland
Dr Himanshu Tyagi 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Killian Welch 2020 (E) Committee Member

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 The Faculty of Neuropsychiatry Strategy is:

  • To set a neuropsychiatry syllabus and curriculum according to GMC guidelines  
  • To lobby and support the commissioning of neuropsychiatry services to ensure equitable access  
  • To provide high standard educational meetings to promote the clinical neurosciences relevant to the practice of psychiatry     

Neuropsychiatry working groups

The epilepsy working group is open to all the members of the College who have a special interest in epilepsy and its psychiatric comorbidities.

The group is currently working on:

  • defining the role of neuropsychiatrist in epilepsy surgery programmes
  • creating a network of neuropsychiatrists currently involved with epilepsy surgical programme (aim is to discuss complex cases)
  • reviewing the access to psychological therapies for people with epilepsy and PNES
  • defining the role of neuropsychiatry in the management of people with epilepsy.

If you would like to join, please email neuropsychiatry@rcpsych.ac.uk.

Sleep educational meeting, 17 June 2021

This webinar is the Sleep working group’s first educational meeting, chaired by the Chair Dr Hugh Selsick.

The first speaker is Dr Ivana Rosenzweig, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist from the Sleep Disorder Centre at Guy’s Hospital, discussing What psychiatrists need to know about obstructive sleep apnoea.

The second speaker is Professor Guy Leschziner, Consultant Neurologist from the Sleep Disorder Centre at Guy’s Hospital, discussing Parasomnias: the divided brain.

Our aims

  • To foster a greater awareness of sleep medicine amongst UK Psychiatrists
  • To emphasise the importance of sleep medicine in psychiatric practice
  • To encourage psychiatrists to contribute to the field of sleep medicine.

Current projects

  • Curriculum development:
    • we have produced a detailed syllabus that identifies the aspects of sleep medicine that trainees should be familiar with at each stage of their training
  • Educational symposia:
    • we arrange sleep medicine symposia at College conferences
  • CPD: 
    • we are generating CPD modules and other educational resources for trainee, career grade and consultant psychiatrists.
  • Guidelines:
    • we are developing guidelines on good practice for psychiatrists treating sleep disorders
  • Collaboration:
    • we encourage closer links with other sleep medicine organisations, particularly the British Sleep Society.

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About us

We merged our brain injury and complex neurodisability working groups to form the neurorehabilitation working group.

The group consists of members and fellows who have a specific interest in brain injury, neurodisability and different aspect of neurorehabilitation.

We aim to continue enhancing the work that the two parent groups have produced so far, with an addition of aiming to promote neuropsychiatry of neurorehabilitation as an emerging area of clinical and academic interest.

We are keen to explore collaborative working with colleagues from rehabilitation medicine, neuropsychology and allied therapy disciplines, and it is our intention for the group to become an active forum for developing assessment guidelines, collaboration in research projects, creation of training opportunities and a forum for discussion and response to important policy documents.

Helpful resources


The current chair is Dr Gayathri Venkatesan. If you would like to join the group's Basecamp forum or want to get in touch, please email us.

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