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19 November 2018

The College is delighted to launch a brand new, bolder and brighter, mobile friendly website today (19 November 2018).

We’ve built the site to help you find the information you need as quickly as possible, whatever device you’re using.

We owe thanks to the user group who helped us at various stages, with their thoughts about the design, structure and content. Over 100 psychiatrists, medical students, patients, carers and others lent their time and we’re very grateful.

Ten things to look out for on the new site

  1. The site is designed to work on all modern devices – you should find it easy to find the content and services you’re after whether you’re on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  2. The design is cleaner – following your feedback we’ve aimed to make the pages less busy, with a manageable list of options on navigation pages, and simple clear presentation on content pages. The landing pages around the site are designed to give you very straightforward sets of options which are easy to follow, and help you quickly get where you need to be.

  3. The new design uses accordions for longer pages – boxes which open and shut so you can read the content you want, and don’t have to browse through swathes of text to find what you need.

  4. We've introduced some personalisation to the site. Members of the College who log in can click on the My Content tab and get quick links to the events they've signed up to, their Division or Devolved nation, their Faculties, SIGs, and more. If you're a student, Foundation doctor or trainee you can also get quick links to the information relevant to you.

  5. Where possible we’ve reduced the content, without removing important information. Over the last two years we’ve reduced the number of pages on the site from 11,000 to 1,500.

  6. We’ve updated the global navigation options to reflect the modern College and – we hope – make it easier to find what you need. A lot of the information Members will need is in the Members section of the site, while trainees can find the specific help they need in Training. We’re sure you’ll also want to explore other areas like Improving care, which contains all the ways the College is working to improve mental health care through campaigning, policy, setting standards and working with mental health services. Our new Become a psychiatrist section provides a great home for Choose psychiatry and our other content aimed at showing medical students and Foundation doctors what a great career psychiatry can be. All the information about the College is in About the College including our values, our people and governance.

  7. There’s a new Event finder where you can find College events for you. It allows you to filter by location, subject matter or search for a topic you’re interested in.

  8. There’s a News and features section where you can find the College’s press releases and media statements, our podcasts and a refreshed blog section. Alongside some of the popular blogs from the old site, we’re looking to introduce new blogs and have introduced a From the Faculties blog series as an example of that.

  9. We know lots of Members like to provide copies of our online mental health information to patients. We’ve re-structured this section to make it easier to find information, and created highly visible Print and Email buttons on each page to help you do this.

  10. If you scan the web homepage you’ll see we’ve provided shortcuts to the key Member resources you’ve told us you use.


We'd love to hear what you think of the new site. Please click on the link below.

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