#BuildBetterMentalHealth campaign receives support from around the country

Online news
29 September 2020

Over 350 College members and supporters have helped us make the case to the Treasury that we need to #BuildBetterMentalHealth

Psychiatrists from around the country have written to the Chancellor asking him to use the upcoming Government Spending Review to reverse years of under-investment in mental health buildings. Many have set out examples of difficulties they have faced working in outdated facilities which were completely unsuitable to cope with an infectious disease like COVID-19:

“Mental Health patients tend not to complain because they’re too distressed or vulnerable, such conditions wouldn’t be tolerated in other hospitals“ 

“Young people are still sent miles away from home for treatment in estate that has dormitory rooms and/or are stuck in facilities that do not meet their needs”  

“In our service we deal with estates related issues, drainage issues etc on a weekly basis. Our patients who are all new mums with young babies, deserve better.”    

While on a more positive note some have talked about the difference that investment has made in their local area and of the need to invest nationally.

The deadline for submitting to the Treasury’s consultation has now passed but you can still keep up the pressure by emailing your MP to ask them to support our campaign.

You can find more information on our proposals in our document Next steps for funding mental health care in England