RCPsych Wales and Literature Wales announce writer commissions for freelance writers and artists

Wales news
04 January 2021

Literature Wales, in partnership with the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Wales, is inviting applications from freelance writers and artists for one of four commissions worth £2,000 each:

  • to devise and deliver innovative creative activity for people on low incomes 
  • to partner with a local (voluntary/third sector) organisation experienced in supporting people on low incomes
  • to provide a tangible outcome that can be upscaled and shared as a blueprint for future projects in other areas of Wales
  • to use digital platforms and potentially physically distanced face-to-face activity to bring creative audiences and communities together through literature.

The purpose of these projects is three-fold. Firstly, to provide paid work to freelance writers who are facing significant loss of income because of cancelled or postponed activity during this uncertain time.

Secondly to address health and well-being challenges for people on low income through literature and creative writing; and entertain, inspire and educate creative audiences, early career writers and participants across Wales.

Thirdly to work in partnership with an organisation and create a project template which could be upscaled and offered across Wales. 

We believe that literature has the power to improve and transform lives. The full range of potential outcomes of literature and creative writing scale from personal, to socio-economic to cultural, and they often include changes which can have a significant impact on lives.

For example, increased confidence in self-expression, linked to increased self-worth, can lead to a greater employability and in-work promotion. By focusing this call-out on work with those on low income, we hope to see tangible positive outcomes for those who will take part.

At least one of the commissions will be awarded to a Welsh language project.

To apply download the application form.

For further information, please contact: