The College responds to General Medical Council national training survey

Statement / comment
19 July 2022

The General Medical Council have today released the results of their annual national survey, showing a trend in rising workloads and burnout. The survey, completed by more than 67,000 UK doctors, showed that while many enjoyed their roles, the risk of burnout is at its worst since tracking began in 2018.

Commenting on the findings, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Dr Adrian James, said:

“The backdrop to any progress in mental health services is the workforce that leads it. Many healthcare workers are struggling to process the emotional impact of the pandemic, while keeping services running through chronic staff shortages. Those working in specialist mental health services have a pandemic backlog arising from record 4.6 million referrals during 2021/22 to address.

“If we are to expect a high standard of care for patients, we must ensure the people providing that care are also well-looked after. Alongside emotional and psychological support, urgent action on workforce is needed to address dangerously high workloads and prevent a mental health crisis in the NHS and social care sector.”


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