ADHD resource 'highly commended' at BMA awards

Online news
06 March 2024

One of our patient information resources has been ‘highly commended’ by the BMA PLG (Patient Liaison Group) patient information awards 2023.

The electronic resource, ADHD in adults, for people to find out more about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and how it presents in adults, was published last year to provide updated information to people who have or think they might have ADHD.

The online information, ADHD in adults, looks at what ADHD is, the challenges and strengths people with ADHD can have, the causes of ADHD, how to get help and treatment if you are struggling and how to support yourself or someone you know. It replaced an existing resource, with a heightened focus on those with lived experience including firsthand accounts.

The panel of judges described the resource as 'fantastic' due to its use of appropriate language, and a genuine acknowledgment of the difficulties faced by people with ADHD.

They added:

“The social model of disability shines through in the work. A really well thought out piece of work which will be a great asset to those in this community.”

The College’s information resources for adults are produced by the Public Engagement Editorial Board (PEEB), which is chaired by Professor Wendy Burn.

Professor Burn said:

“We are delighted to have had this important resource acknowledged by the BMA’s Patient Liaison Group. We are so pleased that the panel pointed out how useful the resource will be, and to know we have created something that will contribute positively to people’s lives and care.

“We are very grateful to the psychiatrists, patients and carers who co-produce high-quality, up-to-date information for the general public.”

The College’s information resources on children's social services and safeguardingpostpartum psychosis for carers and perinatal OCD were also highly commended in 2019 by the BMA patient information awards.

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